Sunday, April 2, 2017

What did I smile about in March!

We had a fun month making great memories - the festivities begin after the December lull. Hope this spring brings lots of smiles and outdoor adventures.

Starbucks date - I had to attend a meeting at the twins school so we dropped by for a quick Starbucks date. They were excited to do something different on a weekday.
IWD 2017- the Accenture event has grown significantly over the years. This year we celebrated International Women's day with over 500 other women and men from several companies located in the metroplex.
Nana's birthday - we are so fortunate that A&A have gotten to spend so much quality time with one great grand parent. We are thankful for the memories and celebrated her big birthday together
BFF's - when these three get together, they are trouble. Here jumping off the couches and being silly. Little Kian was so sweet and calm - the needed offset to these three monkeys :)
Hanging with Coco - we finally got to see Coco one Sunday after an afternoon of errands. The twins love playing with his toys but still shy away from his sweet licks.
Sleep Study time - Not something I really smile about but this girl is a trooper. She was so excited to get connected and did so well through the night. This mumma was beat and decided to keep the kids home the next day so we could all catch up on some sleep. They were so excited to discover this old gem - Lite Brite.
Me time - Its been a long few months and I needed some R&R. Took a couple hours off one Friday and spent time at the spa. Got a much needed mani/pedi and massage. I think i need to do this regularly.
Need adventure - these two are so much like me and cant stay home for too long. They were driving me nuts one Saturday so we ventured out to the pool area so they could hang out. Just needed to get out of the house and get their crazy's out.
Holi - this years celebration was so much fun. The twins had a blast with all their friends and the adults got into it too. This is one tradition i really wish to keep going - a little culture.
Sneak Peek - we got professional bluebonnet pictures taken this month. I will post the official ones once we get them but in the mean time enjoy the two selfies we took. I came prepared with bribes and after two packets of smarties (candy not the chocolate) i hope we did good!
Austin trips - We had not been to Austin since Christmas so it was fun to get away. The twins had a blast with their friends and we got to celebrate little Anika's 3rd birthday.
Spring time - We get only a few months, more like few weeks to enjoy patio time. Team picture of our finance community team - we were awesome!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

What did I smile about in February!

This was a very Valentine month! I feel like the entire month revolved around spreading love. Lots of pictures in this post - Hope you all enjoy it!

Texas Skies - We get the most beautiful views of sunsets from our apartment balcony. Captured this beautiful sky one day on the big camera - no filters. Also took some pics of us with the kiddo's since the camera was already out.
Super Bowl - we decided to make pizza's at home instead of ordering in and watch the game. The twins had a lot of fun making their own. They also enjoyed watching the game with Amit and cheering on - they didn't have a favorite!

Daddy daughter dance - Aashi and Aari enjoyed their first dance with their Papa. They were so excited to dress up. I volunteered to set up so was able to stay and watch them have a fun time with their friends and Papa.
Valentines Day - Amit spoiled me with these gorgeous flowers. I LOVE fresh flowers and this always makes me smile. The twins were excited to chomp down the white chocolate dipped strawberries.
School Valentines goodie bags - We decided to add a personal touch to the goodie bags. Again thanks pinterest for the idea. It was an easy one and the twins did them all by themselves. These school projects are fun because they enjoy making things with me. 
Our new Twin friends - I made friends with Pooja through a facebook Multiples mum group. Our girls are born 10 days apart and we have shared stories and experiences over the years. The Jefferson's recently moved to the metroplex and we finally got to meet in person. The twins all got along and had a great time jumping. 
Beautiful weather means outdoor fun - Our apartment complex has these fun courtyards that the twins love. They have gotten pretty good at bean bag toss. They tried to play giant chess but the pieces are bigger than them so we will have to wait for a while (a long while). 
Valentines day fun continued - I love being able to participate with Aari and Aashi's school projects. They were very excited to see me and make these awesome picture flowers. My goof ball and sass bug love their teachers and learning. Lets hope it stays that way for a while.
Friends from Austin - we had a blast with our friends in Dallas. Lots of play time with Zain and Zara. Aariya and Aashna still think of Zara as a baby doll - they love to look after her. Future babysitters in the making for sure. 
3 inches - We finally convinced the twins to get a hair cut. I asked the hair dresser to cut off 3 inches and their hair still is long enough. They love this experience - whats not to love, lollipops and glitter at the end.