Thursday, May 17, 2018

What did I smile about in April!

We had so much fun hosting and catching up with friends and family from all over this month. The weather is getting better too.

Meeting cousins - we were fortunate enough to connect with cousins that were passing by Dallas from the UK. It was a chaotic dinner with so many kids but we made it through ha! It was so great seeing you all.
Park dates - The weather is getting warmer and the twins want to be outside at all time possible. We visited the park by our old house on our way to Masi's and they were so happy to play. Might as well take advantage of this weather before its gets too hot.
Birthday parties - how many can you attend in a day? This was a great day of meeting new friends and old. They didn't want to leave either - which just goes to show how much they love their friends.
Sweet Molly - Unfortunately it was a very cold day but that didn't stop these three from having an awesome time together. We ended up at the Starbucks for some hot chocolate and not to miss the little dance show we put up there 😄
Texas wildflowers - If you live in Texas this is like a tradition. We have taken Blue bonnet pictures every year I think. I love the colors and if I say so myself this one turned out just perfectly (of them, the pic could be edited better)!
Nivu's Birthday! We were so happy to be able to celebrate this beautiful girl. We miss seeing you all as often but cant wait for our trip to Seattle soon.
Friends like family - We are so happy to be in a house again so we can host our friends more. It was so nice catching up and watching the kids play together.
GNO - I cant believe it took us so long to plan something like this. We will have to do this more often. It was a fun night with great company! Oh yeah i am finally on snap chat - got a quick tutorial while at dinner haha!
Out and about - we decided to check out the Southlake Art in the square festival. The twins had a blast. Some very cool and interesting pieces of art for sure.
Finally picture with the pink flowers - Aashna's one wish this month was to be able to take pictures with the pink flowers on the side of the highway. We were late in the season but managed to find one spot which was safe. I heart these two!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

What did I smile about in March!

Spring has sprung 😃! We are finally settled back in after our trip to Bahrain and happy with the nice weather. Finally exploring our suburb too.

Great grandmother - I think very few in our shoes are so lucky to have their grandmother/great grandmother around to share moments with. We are blessed to have our only living grand mother close and have her spend so much quality time with the kids. We got to celebrate her 83rd together.
Planting in time for spring - giving a shot at my green thumb now that we have a house again. I am having so much fun with this - growing up we always had real plants at home and so I am giving a shot at growing a few myself. Lets see how many survive.
Exploring the hood - The weather is finally nice for walks. We have been exploring the little trails around our new neighborhood. We have a little creek that runs through the area.
Parks in the area - one friday we went to the closest park to check it out. The twins had a blast - we will make the most of the weather before summer rolls around.
Candle making - I was inspired by the Candle making mini class I did in SF with Seema. I decided to try my hand at it. I think they turned out good - will need to adjust the fragrance and flowers next time. Also might need to add multiple wicks if i decide to make them in these containers again.
My mini's - the grocery store closest to us has these awesome mini carts. The twins are always ready to go grocery shopping with me now. I do enjoy the company except when I am in a hurry and need to get out quick ha!
Play dates - The twins were so happy Saachi and Kian came to play. I decided to take all four of them for a walk around the neighborhood. I survived!
Easter parade - This was our first event at the new school. Ofcourse it had to be one of the windiest days of the week. The bonnets refused to stay on their heads.
Easter egg hunt - our neighbors had an easter egg hunt in their backyard and extended the invite to our community. It was so nice to meet a few others and the kids made a few friends too. They didnt want to leave - i guess thats a good sign.
Sleepover - Another play date but this one ended up being our very first sleepover! These three are like triplets and were so happy to be together. They had a blast and entertained each other the entire time. A success in my books. Baby K went home with his Dad but i am sure Amol got some downtime with only one to look after while Shaili was away.
Spring blooms - We made a trip to the Arboretum to see the blooms. We have done this every year i think since the twins were born. For a change we went early in the season and the flowers and colors were just gorgeous! The kids decided to confuse everyone by dressing differently. A&A didn't dress alike and instead Saachi matched Aashna - made for fun conversations.
Austin - We took our first trip to Austin in months to celebrate Anika's fourth birthday. We had a blast as always. The kids were drawn to Zain's guitar - we might have to get a lesson or two.