Thursday, November 27, 2008

The new world we live in.

It is so easy to forget the terror that exists in this world. After 9-11, for many months the world was a different place for me. With time we all moved on but yesterday the world became that scary place again. I first read about the Mumbai events on facebook and then followed up on BBC and CNN. At first i didnt realize the magnitude of this event as India in the past year has had a series of unfortunate attacks. This hit home as they were targeting folks with American and British passports. The target locations - Hotel Taj, Oberoi, Cafe Leopold and the Shivaji railway station are prime tourist locations in Mumbai. Back in 2003 when Amit and I went to India to get married we remember having a meal at Cafe Leopold. Its scary to know that the place we enjoyed so much was now a scene of terror. My prayers are with the families who lost their loved ones and with my friends and family in Mumbai - I really hope the people responsible for this terror are punished for their doings. Indians in the past have been very resilient and have moved on to prove that they will not be terrorized by such events. It takes a lot of strength and courage not to live in fear and my best wishes are with all the people of Mumbai in this difficult time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Continues :)

We went to the Mavs game last night as part of Amit's birthday celebration week. We had a great time at the game - Great seats and a Mavs win at home against the Indiana Pacers - PERFECT! . Below are some pics from the game.

Thanks Avni Masi !

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is 30 the new 20?

Yesterday was Amit's 30th Birthday. I cant believe how fast time flies and I wish him all the best for his years to come. I love you! As always I changed my facebook status to wish him a big 30 and not to my surprise I got comments saying "Lucky Guy - he looks like he is 20". Why do men age better than women?

Friday, November 14, 2008

The count down begins!

Amit and i are off to Kenya and Tanzania in December for the first time after getting married. Our parents are very excited to say the least and have already made plans for us while we will be there. Less than three weeks left for us to leave. All i can think of is the long list of things i have to do and shop for before we go. I finally made appointments for our yellow fever shots and we will hopefully also get our Malaria meds while we are there. I miss the days when i was a kid and all i had to do was wake up and get on the plane. Time to grow up i guess.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

UK meets USA

Last weekend Amit and I went to Chicago for Sarj's wedding (Amit's cousin). Sarj and his family flew in from London England a week ago for the wedding celebrations. The trip was a good excuse to meet Rinku (our dear friend) who moved back to Chicago. Texas misses you Rink a Link ;)

Below are some snap shots of us all.

The ladies (me, Sonal and Sajal)
The men (Pav, Amit, Aval and Chetan)

And last but not the least the beautiful couple - Sarj and Shweta

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In the past few years blogging has become the thing to do - at first i didnt think i would join the bandwagon but i have decided to give in and start one of my own. Since our families live so far away i thought this might be a good way for them to keep up with our lives (like facebook wasnt enough). Amit and I will be travelling to Kenya later this year and this would be a great way to share our adventures with our friends and family.

Lots more to come soon :)