Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green Thumbs

Its spring and that means time for spring cleaning - indoors and out. Our process started with the following:
  • Painted plant pots
  • Repotted the over grown Rubber plant
  • Potted seeds for Moon Flowers and one other kind (the name I dont remember haha).
  • Treated the yard with weed killer and fertilizer
  • Cleaned out the pantry (trust me in a house of four that was much needed

Every year I get excited to add something new to my plant collection - this year I added

  • 4 Mixed tropical plants for the kitchen
  • Aloe Vera
  • African Violet
  • Orange Lily Plant
Lets see how long they last - they should do fine considering my Goldern Pothos and Rubber plant have survived over 2 years (woohoo).


Manali + Terry said...

Nice!! We have aloe vera and it's really easy to maintain - it's awesome, we just break off a stem and rub the aloe on our faces after a hot day, feels sooo good! - it will be perfect for a Texas summer!!

Reems said...

I didnt know you could do that with the stem. Will definitely have to use it for the Texas heat. Are you excited about your world trip?