Sunday, May 31, 2009

Almost there but not quiet 30 yet!

It pays to have a Thursday birthday - the celebrations continue through the weekend. It all started with Amit waking up in the middle of the night to wish me a very Happy Birthday. It was funny because he didnt remembering saying that the next morning. I made us some good old fashion indian chai and had a little tea time before heading out to work on Thursday morning. For those in finance quarter end months are crazy busy and at my work May happens to be one of those months. But even with the crazy work load I managed to get out for lunch and then my manager brought me cake and invited a bunch of people to my desk to celebrate. I must say that was a little embarassing - having about 15 grown adults singing "Happy Birthday" to you. The day just got better when I received the most gorgeous flowers from Amit. The facilities lady came by to tell me I had a delivery but warned me I would need some muscles to bring it down. She wasnt kidding this arrangment was huge and beautifully decorated with roses, lilies and hydrangeas. The fragrance from the mix is absolutely refreshing and my co-workers around me gladlly enjoyed it too. On Friday a few of our friends came in town to continue the birthday celebrations. We ended up a small middle easter joint for some shisha and food. On saturday Amit's aunt and grandma were gracious enough to cook lunch for the whole clan after which the girls ended up resting and shopping a little. The boys went to an anime convention in Dallas. The evening started with dinner at Bengal Coast this really nice Asian fusion restuarant in Dallas from there we headed to party!!!

Arent they gorgeous??

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Earthquake really...

My natural body alarm woke me up at 7am today (Saturday) - but I went back to sleep. At around 11:30am Amit and I woke up to the house shaking. At first I thought I was dreaming but we just confirmed that it was a minor earthquake. I have never experienced one so didnt know what to expect. Thankfully it was only 3.3 on the magnitude scale.