Sunday, August 23, 2009

Superstitions and Farewells

Amit and I just got back from Austin (our second home). And as always we had a blast with great friends. The boys has a guys night out on Friday (dont ask me what they did..) but my friend Ritu and I went to Trudy's to get the night started with a Mexican Martini. A must have if you are ever in the area. My other friend Faiza joined us there and then we headed to the movies - The Ugly Truth - pretty funny actually. Then came Saturday...
So the reason for our trip. Our friends Ritu and Sahir have decided to quit their jobs and go globe trotting for the next four months, after which they will move to Canada where Sahir will attend grad school for a year. We have known Sahir for over 8 years now and have shared some amazing times with him. Like the time we were at Pete's Piano bar and Amit and him decided to sing old Hindi songs after the night was over. If you know Sahir you will understand why this is funny because the boy doesnt speak Hindi much. Ritu came into our lives in 2004 when she took a job in good old Texas and decided to come to Austin with the whole gang that summer. This is when the two met and ofcourse Sahir was smitten over her and asked me to get her telephone number for him. The rest is now history... As a married couple you always look for other fun married couples that you can be yourselves with and this is one that Amit and I have shared many weekends with and had fun times with. Like my birthday weekend when we went tubbing down the Guadalupe river and the boys were stuck looking after the two of us girls. Canada is like home to me since my brother, other family and lots of friends live there. Normally I spend about a week there every year - but with Sahir and Ritu there now I know I will have to spend 2. We will dearly miss them and hope they have an amazing time discovering the world.

Do you believe in Superstitions? On Saturday Amit and I helped S&R wrap and pack a few things and in the evening we were going to have a farewell party for the couple. In the afternoon the boys left to run some errands and Ritu and I did the same. I am not a big believer in superstitions but for some reason on Saturday I had to believe something was off. Like the stars werent aligned in the correct position. On our way to the store I got into my first wreck ever on the intersection of 39th street and Lamar Blvd. This intersection will be forever imprinted in my mind. Thank God no one was hurt and the car's bumper and side panel were damaged but not badly. Accidents happen and I am still not sure whose fault it is, but since it was my first wreck for some reason its bothering me a bit. I keep thinking about what I could have done differently. Oh well too late now eh! Later that day Ritu and I headed to pick up the food for the party and on our way there we almost got into another wreck so this really really really made me wonder that something was really off. The rest of the night we joked about how Ritu and I should not be driving in the same car anywhere since we were jinxed and we were glad that the farewell party was a walking distance from S&R's apt. Since I had heels on, the three of them thought it was funny to make me aware of every step and bump on the road incase I tripped. Even when we got to our friend's place they asked me not to go out on the patio incase I fell over or ran into the glass door. I am glad that the car was still drivable and Amit and I could return home to Dallas safely today. May be the bad spell is over and just lasted the day haha...Anyway we are sad that our friends are moving away but we definitely got to share one more awesome weekend with them before they leave.


Ritu said...

This is sooo sweet! Thank you Reemery! :)
We will miss you and Amit a ton too! And yes, now when you come to Canada you have to come for 2 weeks!! 1 week for your family and 1 week for us :)
Can't wait to seeing you again next weekend and then in Dubai and then again in Feb 2010. :-D

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