Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love to play hostess and I am not really sure how Amit feels about it but he plays along anyway because it makes me happy. Last weekend Ritu and Sahir stayed over with their two cats on their way to DC. I didnt realize cats (especially our cat - Switch) could be so possessive of his environment aka our house. He always wants to go play with the neighbourhood ones but didnt really take to Chinky and Stoli roaming the house. Switch was moody all weekend and hissed at everyone especially Ritu. I guess thats what you get when you try to introduce cats to Fatty Switch. Now that they are gone he is back to himself - purring and rolling over to have us rub his fat tummy. After the Sait/Sainani family left we have been preparing for the long weekend arrivals. We have family coming over tomorrow for the Labor day weekend. This is the first time we will be hosting 7 people at one time. Including us we will have a total of 11 people at hotel Las Brisas :). I am looking forward to the family reunion and hope they enjoy their trip and like DFW. Will post updates after they leave on Monday or may be Tuesday when I am rested and energized after a hectic weekend. Hope you all enjoy the long weekend too!

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