Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend..

Its Wednesday today and I still feel the effects of Labor Day weekend. That should tell you we had an awesome time together. The madness started on Thursday last week with the first arrival – my brother Dhaval who flew in from NY. He was followed by Gaurang and Purvi who drove in from Austin at around 6pm. Then we were off to the airport again at 9pm to pick up Paras and Reenal who flew in from the Cayman Islands. And our final arrivals flew in from Boston at almost midnight – Raj and Kajal. In total Amit and I made about nine trips to the airport in a span of 6 days – it’s a good thing we live so close to DFW. With a total of 11 people in one house things can get crazy but I think we managed sharing 4 bathrooms pretty well and no one was ready to kill the other at the end of it all. What did we do you ask?? To note a few..
We had several hours of entertainment with the Wii, played poker, played Tabboo, played Kajal’s great drinking game, ate A LOT of Tex-Mex, went to several bars including the Ghostbar at the W, saw DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys, drove through Dallas downtown, enjoyed the Mustangs in Las Colinas, spent some time at the Japanese gardens in Fort Worth, Hung out by the lake at Sneaky Pete’s, almost ate Breakfast at Breadwinners in two different locations at the same time (sorry Amit) haha, slept at 4-5am mostly every night, got a speeding ticket, got warned about not wearing seatbelts in the back seat and finally to top it all off had a great laugh at G for booking his ticket out of the wrong airport. I really hope everyone enjoyed the Texas hospitality and we are actively recruiting them to move to Texas. We missed a few cousins and hopefully we can have another reunion soon so they all can join the fun.

Come back soon Y'all!

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