Friday, November 13, 2009

I dont get it..

The newest video game in our house is - Modern Warfare from the Call of duty series. The game is definitely a hit in the US and I have heard several people (all boys ofcourse) speak of it with excitement. Their sales topped $300M on the first day of its release. I happened to watch Amit and Aval play it one evening and honestly it made a little sick. It was released a day before Veterans Day in the US and the game definitely made me appreciate and respect our soldiers and the threats they face even more. I have to say that the graphics in this game are incredible and maybe that’s why I was a little uncomfortable watching it - made it all feel too real. The thing that grossed me out the most was the sight of blood on the lens/helmet face cover when you shoot someone or are being shot. I don’t get why this is so appealing to the masses. How do you enjoy such violence, like knowing it exists isn’t bad enough - may be it’s because I am a woman and think warfare leads to more destruction than peace. Don’t get me wrong I get that sometimes its necessary but in real life - not for hours of entertainment. No wonder we see so many disturbed people who sometimes have trouble separating reality and their cyberspace lives and make poor choices in a country where owning a gun is legal. This video game is rated M - 17years and above. At 17 I know I was still very impressionable and not very mature to make an educated decision. Shouldn’t we be developing games that teach them tolerance and peace? I am not in denial of the evil out there but may be for once we should separate it from our hours of entertainment at such a tender age.

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