Thursday, June 17, 2010

Go Lakers!

I cant believe how quickly time flies. Its already summer and we have had a few busy months.. wondering what we have been upto??

- celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on March 5th.
- attended Kaj's bachelorette weekend in Austin - it was a small UT reunion and it was great seeing my girlies after a long long time
- enjoyed the black eyed peas concert - they are incredible performers a must see..
- attended Kaj and Rup's wedding in Houston straight up Punjabi style..
- went to Phoenix twice for work
- became a US citizen - woo hoo
- dad had major surgery (he is recovering well touch wood)
- Played a golf tournament - i started out well but its hard to do well in Texas 100F degree weather
- turned 30 - it doesnt feel any different than 29 so dont let that get to you if you are about to cross into your dirty thirties..
- visited Seems, Rits and Sahir in San Fransisco - this trip was long overdue but we had so much fun, the weather was fabulous and we couldnt have asked for better company ;)

Amit and I enjoy sports so for some one who grew up watching football (soccer as it is called in the west) we are so excited about the FIFA world cup in South Africa. We both have different favorites which makes for some friendly competition. The next few weeks will be all about soccer but for today we are enjoying the NBA Finals. GO LAKERS!! Amit, Aval and Barbs all want the Celtics to win so I am the odd one out. Lets see what happens - two more quarters to go. I have been to busy (lazy) to put up pictures from our San Fransisco but I promise I will get to them this weekend. Stay Tuned...

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