Friday, November 5, 2010

What did I smile about in October !

Recently my friend started to write about a few things that made her smile every month .. so I am giving a try. I decided to tweak it a little and instead of listing out the things in words only I decided to share with you in pictures what made me smile. Capturing life in stills has become my latest obsession. So here goes..
1. New babies - our friends Simran and Faisal and my cousin (actually nephew) Raj and his wife Kajal had baby girls on the same day. I havent been able to get a pic with Zarah yet but here is one with Baby Siyona. Whom I got to see in Boston while I was transiting to Paris.
2. Girls trip with Seems and Julie -We travelled to four cities in 10 days - so it was a little hectic to say the least but here are few that really made my trip.

3. Starwood hotels - We got to Valencia late and the hotel was overbooked thanks to a Movie festival in town. The male receptionist was really nice (I am sure he was trying to impress three girls) but he told us since I was a SPG member he had a surprise for us. I was more interested in ensuring we would have enough beds while the other two single girls were cracking up at some naughty thoughts in regards to the surprise. The bell boy finally walked us to our room and the surprise was a SWEET ROYAL Suite. Trust me neither of us really cared to see much of Valencia .. we were more interested in relaxing in the suite. In Barcelona we stayed at the W - its a beautiful hotel right on the beach. A little out of the way if you are visiting Barcelona for the first time but if you want a relaxing time with amazing views this is worth staying at.
4. My darling Husband - I sent him a postcard from Paris (which still hasnt made it here btw) telling him why I want to visit Paris with him and how romantic the city is. So he decided to bring me gorgeous roses to the airport. I didnt get the best picture of the long stem roses but here is one from my cell phone. 5. Fat Cat - this ball of fur always makes me smile especially after I have been away for so many days.


Ritu said...

Yay!!!! You're doing it too!!!! That's another thing that makes me smile :) love ya!
FYI- you look amazing holding a baby ;)

Ritu said...

Also, Wow what an amazing pic of Switch!

Seema said...

Yay Reems!!! Love the blog. There were lots of things that me smile on the trip, but I believe there was one more pic that didn't make the website. A piece of art in the Reina Sofia that I went back to look at THREE TIMES!!! Luv ya!!

Reema - Amit said...

Seems - I really wanted to post it but i am afraid my blog might get shut down for inappropriate content LOL. I will send you the pic by email so you can look and smile over and over again. hahaha..
Rits - lets see how long i last :)