Sunday, December 5, 2010

What did I smile about in November!

November kicked off the festive season in our household and I had lots to smile about this month. Here are few in pictures.
1. My mum and Bro's birthday - the only one on this post with out a picture since they are both far away but this day always makes me smile. What a perfect present for a mother on her birthday - the birth of her son (no wonder he is her favorite *wink wink*). I am sure to hear about this later but its worth messing with her.
2. Diwali - Spent Diwali with my inlaws for the first time ever.
3. Austin - always a fun time with great friends and a longhorn game. 4. Postcard - Guess what finally made it in the mail - the postcard I sent to Amit from Paris in October. 5. Amit's Birthday - We had family in town from Canada so the celebrations started early over the weekend. We celebrated with dinner where the waiter sang "happy birthday" opera style and then we enjoyed some local wine at D'Vine in Grapevine. 6. Thanksgiving day - set up the decorations and here is a sneak peek of whats to come on the Decemeber blog.7. Trip to Houston (NASA) and Galveston - We took a little road trip with Amit's parents over the weekend of Thanksgiving and enjoyed some family time with them.
8. Kaj/Rup - Seeing these two for the first time since their wedding 9. Vitamix - This is one powerful machine and my MIL has been spoiling us with some yummy juices - my favorite is the green smoothie..10. Food Food and more Food- My MIL has been in town since July to help my BIL with his treatments and we have all benefited from her presence. We have been enjoying delicious homecooked food every week.


Ritu said...

Yay!!! I Made it on your blog :) I love it!!!!

dshova said...

heee - i am her favorite :P

love you - hope to visit soon.

Bhavna said...

Betu, very well posted all the celebtations.......I have two favorites in my life my daughter and my son....heheheheheh