Friday, February 18, 2011

What did I smile about in January!

The next few months are going to be a little rough - with the family split in two locations for Aval's treatments but we will continue to be strong and appreciate the simple things in life and cherish them.

Toast with jalapenos - We enjoyed a great new years brunch at Kathleen's and guess what Rinku ate.. ewwwMeds Meds and more Meds - Started the year off by being sick which is nothing to smile about. But the fact that Amit went grocery shopping with me and got me flowers definitely made up for the weeks of cough and miserable congestion.

Tea's are my new best friend - Nothing like a hot cup of herbal tea (decaffeinated of course) to put you to sleep. My favorite is the Aveda one.. YUMMMY
Curious Cat - My cat always makes me smile - this time its a video. The curious nosy thing got himself stuck in a bag and couldn't get out. This isn't the best video, I have a better one but its too large.

Happy Anniversary - Mum in law made it back to Nairobi on her wedding anniversary - after being away from her hubby for months I am glad she got to spend it with him.

Groupon - love these facials and was so excited to get a deal on it. Everyone needs a good facial occasionally. I tried the Hiatus Salon in Dallas the last time Groupon had a deal and loved it. Guess what they ran the same special again - so I jumped on it.

It's all good - yearly checkup's. Don't take this lightly and keep up with those check ups. My iron levels are finally in check - a huge accomplishment for me YAY!

Call with the Bahrain girlie's - we have been meaning to set up a call to chat after our trip to Vegas. This time we conferenced Amee from Bahrain as well. It was conveniently timed with my drive to Houston so it worked out extremely well. G3 however didn't call in because she was still asleep (that is what she said).. Cancer sucks buttons - I spent a week with Aval in Houston. He is now getting his treatment at the MD Anderson Hospital and I have to say I was so impressed by everything. I have visited my fair share of hospital in the last few months but this one is something else. Everyone at the hospital - the staff, Dr's, other patients and their families - everyone is so polite and genuinely friendly. They are all there for one reason - to provide care and support the patients. We feel better knowing Aval will be in good hands. As I transitioned care responsibilities with Avni masi she gave me this button which now hangs on my purse. Cancer is nothing to smile about but these little things make it better.
Dinner with the Raja's - nothing lightens the mood like Kaushal's ridiculous stories and watching Priya set him straight for exaggerating. They also introduced us to an awesome cafe - Ruggles green.

Me time - Finally got a much needed pedicure and for those of you who know me well, this is a drastic change to my normal french pedicure toes. If and when I color my toes I stick to black, browns, greys or really light shades BUT this time I painted them RED.