Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What did I smile about in February!

This was one short hectic and crazy weather month and I am so behind on the blog.. I didn't do a good job taking many pictures this month after the snow I was kinda sick of the camera!
Let it snow let it snow - The month started out with crazy unpredictable weather in Dallas just in time for Superbowl. We got freezing rain which left a nice sheet of ice on the driveway and was followed with quite a few inches of snow. What does that mean for Dallas - 4 days at home and major cabin fever. All the stores were completely sold out of de-icing fuild, sand and salt so we opted for cat litter. Talk about a mess! But as always it was beautiful sight and here are a few pictures.
Maru bhajiya's - These are indian style thin cut fries, not the healthiest thing but Indians love fried hot bhajiya's on a cold night and Amit loves them. So I made him a few one night when were stuck at home thanks to the snow.

Super Bowl XLV - The snow was cleared out in most places just in time for Super Bowl at the Cowboys stadium. Guess who one - the Cheeseheads! I have enjoyed watching the Packers play since Favre was their QB and even though he is gone I still love that team.

Houston - We now have a second home here since Aval and mum have an apartment till June. We drove down to hang out with Aval. Ritu, Sahir, Kaushal and Priya met up with us at the hospital one saturday and we all spent a few hours with Aval. In true Indian style we took over the family room and were playing real loud music. Thankfully no one complained and I think it actually put a smile on a few patients making their daily rounds. While in Aval's room we had to wear masks and gloves - one of the masks made us look like ducks so we had to take a picture in them.Cactus - So Barbs is moving out! That actually makes me sad but it was an excuse for us to go shopping for her new place. I ended up with new running shoes and Cactus. I wanted some small plants for the window nooks in my kitchen and I figured these would last a while and are hard to kill. Bonus - Switch wont try to eat them because they are prickly. Afternoon with Zara - Simran and Faisal came over on a Sunday afternoon with little Zara. It was so nice to spend time with her and see how much she has grown in the last few months. Valentines Day - My darling hubby sent me these at work. They are so pretty and loved how different they are then the normal vase of flowers. Dinner with Neha (Shah)- Neha and I went to college together and live in the same town and still havent managed to meet often. It was so nice to catch up with her for dinner and drinks one evening.

Shah Parents Anniversary - My parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary this year! We wish them all the best and many more to come.

Weather is Nuts! - It went from freezing cold to a beautiful 70 degrees in a week here in Dallas. Gotta love the sunshine! Words with Friends - Amit has been obsessed with this game lately eventhough he doesnt have it on his phone. We spend about 30 minutes before bed playing it everyday on my phone TOGETHER !!

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G3 said...

Oh My God on the Words with Friends!! Priyank and I did the same for a few months! That game is addictive!! haha! I thought we were weird to be doing that .. I guess not! :-0