Monday, April 4, 2011

What did I smile about in March!

Another busy month but its almost Spring and the cold is on its way out.. YAY!

Emma's Hug
- The month started out a little rough, I spent the first week in Houston helping my MIL with the day shift at the hospital. One day at the hospital a couple came by and donated a $100 parking chip for the hospital garage to us. Their mission is to assist families with random acts of kindness in honor of their daughter Emma. Really helped us out for the week and if you are looking for a place to donate for this year check out their website. Silver lining- the last couple of months have been rough to say the least but we received some good news this month - I got promoted and Amit got a new job. These two put smiles on our faces, and our parents faces too. Happy Anniversary to us - Nine years and counting. Amit and I have been married almost a decade - all marriages take work and our does too but needless to say its been an exciting journey and both of us look forward to many more to come. Ritu visits Las Brisas - We celebrated our anniversary with Ritu and Barbara. She was visiting us while Sahir was in India. It was nice catching up and enjoying some girl time with her. We also got to see baby Ariyana for the first time. Isnt she precious? Campania - Spent a night with some of my coworkers. Found a cute little BYOB pizza joint uptown. If you live in Dallas you should try it so good. We ended up at Lemon Bar in the West Village after that to celebrate Stef's Birthday!Gracie - Vaishnav came over one day with Grace and we ordered in some Thai food and caught up. She was so well behaved and had a blast playing fetch in our backyard with the boys. I am finally comfortable around here and losing my fear of dogs.Mum in town (Houston week) - My mum travelled all the way from Bahrain to help out the family in Houston. I drove in one week and spent some time with her. Amit flew in over the weekend and we drove back home together with her. This has become our regular stop on our drive to and from Houston now - the famous BUC-CEE's.Aval's out - The best news this month is ofcourse Aval was discharged from the Hospital on schedule and is now resting and recuperating at home (in Houston). He has a month's break before the next transplant but for now all the reports have been very positive and we are all praying that this is the end of the cancer. While waiting at the hospital over the weekend Amit decided to make an elephant from a dollar bill - something he saw in the inflight magazine on his way to Houston. Orchids - If you didnt know this about me I LOVE ORCHIDS. I found a beautiful one when I was in Houston and drove it back with me to Dallas. This time I am determined not to kill it.. Wish me luck.

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G3 said...

Love this!! I have been meaning to do this for a while myself .. I think April is going to be my start! :)

Oh and congrats on the promotion!! That's fabulous!