Sunday, May 1, 2011

What did I smile about in April!

Another hectic month with lots of laughs and memories..

April fools Day - I usually don't participate in pranks but this year my team was in the office and we had the perfect candidate to play a prank on. Lindsay always forgets to lock her computer when she leaves her desk so it makes it easy for the rest of us. We took a snap shot of her screen and set it as her background. When she got back she tried to double click on files on her desktop but couldn't because she was clicking on a picture image. It was great!

Cricket World Cup - Amit and I grew up watching cricket and even though we are now American we are still huge India supporters. Cricket to the south Asian continent is like football to the US fans - actually even bigger because that's the only sport people follow (at least here we have football, baseball and many others). The final game was on at 4am CST time on April 2nd and since we were in Austin we enjoyed it with all our cricket crazy friends. It was an amazing day especially cause India won the finals. Its been a long time and made a lot of people Happy!!
Patel Baby shower - Our friends in Austin are having their first baby so Amit and I drove down for their baby shower. They will make such cute parents - they chose not to find out the sex of the baby but my money is on a cute little Baby boy! Blue Bonnets - Its spring and in Texas that means time for the wild flowers. We have one patch behind our house where they naturally grow and I love walking out there and taking pictures. Its like my own little Blue Bonnet garden. Pool weather begins - Our friends invited us over for lunch one weekend and we hung out by their pool. Chaitni made some really delicious Pav bhaji and their little dog CoCo was hours of entertainment. CoCo's neighbor girlfriend joined us while we were at the pool and they were so cute playing with each other. Kinda makes me want to get a dog now!Pay it forward - I left my camera in a cab in Phoenix this month and after I tracked the cabbie down I called him and asked if he would mail it to me. He barely spoke English and after co-ordinating with a translator he took it to the Fedex office and called me. I gave the Fedex guy all the information and it was sent to me in two days just before my trip to Cali. There are many nice people in this world. Take a minute and do something nice for another stranger that's the way we can make this a even nicer place. We were in Phoenix for work and here is my team representing our college teams.
Colorful juices - my fruit this summer is watermelon. I made some juice the other day and it was yummy now I want to try some variations. May be add some mint, spinach or even some alcohol *wink wink*.
Weekend with the family - Dhaval flew into Houston one weekend and we drove down there to be with everyone. We had a packed house but it was fun. Aval was excited to have us all there and we got to spend some quality family time. We started a puzzle a few weeks ago and its finally done - most of the credit goes to my MIL since she spent the most time on it.

Dinner with the newly weds - This was the first time i saw these two after their wedding. We had a good time at dinner and Rad and I got to spend some time catching up one afternoon.

Remove Formatting from selectionSan Fransisco - had a great time with friends and visited some great restaurants and bars. My favorite this trip was the Cucumber Gimlet at Bourbon and Branch. If you are ever in town check this place out its a must visit. Call and get a reservation and remember your password which you will need to enter this unmarked location. Sounds interesting right - it surely was. And I am glad I got to see Sapna and her husband - we didn't get a group picture but wanted to give her a shout out for staying in town for one more day to see me. Amit got in late on Friday and stayed with Ritu and Sahir while I crashed with the girls at Seema's (see final post below). The boys spent all day walking the city and here are some pictures from Amit's phone - love this city but not the weather.
Dabi Baju Reunion - The real purpose of our trip to San Fran was a mini reunion. It was great seeing these girls after ages. We also got to celebrate Seema's birthday like 3 times over the weekend - she was a great host even with the stiff neck and whiplash she suffered the prior weekend while skiing. Cheers to an amazeballs weekend with my Dabi Baju ladies!! Next reunion stop Chicago in August!

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