Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What did I smile about in May!

This was a busy month and one of my favorites! We got our first long weekend of the year and its the start of great weather (most people don't like the heat but I love it).
Mothers day - What would this world be without mothers? I am so thankful to have these two in our lives.
D'Vine - We met up with the Chaddah's and their friends at D'Vine in Grapevine. The kids were a bundle of energy and these two are just precious. African Violets - my plant finally bloomed YAY! Summer and her little one - Sunita and I met up with Summer for lunch before the work golf tournament. Peyton is so precious and a little diva just like her mum.Fat Cat - always up to something and usually up to no good but I still love him and all his fat rolls..
Mavs Mavs Mavs - Love that they kicked some Laker butt and then beat the Thunder in the western finals. GO MAVS!!
Good Bye Cancer! - Aval is finally back home in Dallas and we have a full house again. His reports are good and he is now working on getting healthy and on with his life. Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers over the last year. It's been a rough ride and we are VERY THANKFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Cayman Islands - my cousin Reenal and her husband Paras (R&P) live in Cayman right now and have been asking us to visit for years. We finally decided to take a trip with Mehlam and Faiza for the long weekend. R&P were great hosts and we had an amazing time with them.

Birthday - my birthday falls on or around memorial day weekend every year and that's an excuse for a bigger celebration (tee hee). This year is going to stick with me for years - we spent it on a boat with 20 people some on whom I was meeting for the first time in my life. We docked at some fun places - Sting Ray City, Star Fish point and finally Rum point. The weather was perfect and the company even better. Thank you all for making it a great one to remember.

Rest and relaxation!- its been a long year for us and this was a much needed vacation for Amit and myself. We couldn't have picked a better place to go. R&P live 5 minutes from the beach and we were there everyday. The water was clear and perfect and it wasn't too hot. We lounged and snorkelled and sea treked (if that's even a word). We had two flight delays - one on the way there and one on the way back but overall it was an AMAZING break away. Amit refuses to fly with me, apparently I am jinxed. I cant blame him for saying that because I have had three flight delays in two months because of technical issues. Seriously

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