Friday, July 8, 2011

What did I smile about in June!

June was another busy month with lots of visitors and exciting events ..

Chicago - I was part of the training faculty team in St Charles at the beginning of June and decided to go a little early and spend some time with my friends there. Chicago in the Summer is a different world - the last two times I have been out there its been cold - so needless to say this sight was very refreshing. I want to thank Deepti for being a gracious host and am also glad I got to see Nisha and Rinku while I would out there.

St Charles - Again the weather was gorgeous and for once I took advantage of the beautiful campus and followed the trail to the lake to watch the sunset. I am going back in August for another training, hopefully this time I will rent a bike and explore the campus a little more.

Team Party - My team at work loves a good time and we decided to join forces with Marti's team and do something over the weekend with our significant others. Marti generously opened her house to us and hosted a great party.

MAVS are the champions - this was a long awaited victory for the people of Dallas and what a series it was. So proud of our Mavs team. We watched the finals at Champps in Addison and drove directly to the sporting goods store after the game to get our Championship shirts.

Lone Star Park - Went to my first horse race ever - it was fun betting on the races (small of course) but wasn't happy seeing one of them get hurt!

Guess who finally visited us from Austin after two whole years - Mehlam and Faiza stopped by for a night (not even to see us really) - they were in town for a wedding and Faiza wanted to check out the CL shoe store. In short the two of us shouldn't hang out in Dallas very often - it ended up costing the husbands a lot of money. She got her favorite shoes as an advance birthday present and I got my long awaited birthday present too. YAY for us!
Father's day - this Fathers day is extra special to me and I am so thankful for my dad and that he is recovering well after his surgery. This has been a long year for both our dad's and they are both strong supportive men to whom we will be eternally grateful!
Mum and Dad time - This was the first time I saw my dad after his surgery last year. I took two days off and spent lots of quality time with my parents. We played cards and drove around town and just talked. It was so great to be with them and I miss them a lot. The only thing I don't like about living here is that I am so far away from them but hopefully they will move closer to us soon.
Dhaval suprises the fam - my parents were so shocked when he showed up at the door step on Sunday to spend two days with us. As usual we spent time fighting with each other - if you know us that's not new. But I love him and wish he too lived closer to us.
Ipad Mania - the latest craze around the world and in the states is the iPad. My parents bought one this time and my dad joked about not getting lunch or dinner once he gets back to Bahrain since my mum will be on it all day long. But look who I caught spending so much time with it ha!

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