Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What did I smile about in July!

The summer is passing us by and what a hot one it has been. More than 30 days straight of 100 degree weather eek!
Guess who again - Faiza and Mehlam visited us again (more like came to visit because my mum was in town). But I will take whatever I can.

Mango Season - gotta love Mangoes, too bad they arent as sweet as the Alphonso ones we ate back home. We pureed a few mango's and made some adult beverages with it - it was delish!
In and Out - We didnt eat there but enjoyed the craziness. The line was out the door and from what I hear it was worth the wait.Food Coma - check out the spread. No wonder I cant seem to loose any weight. I should just enjoy it while I can huh! It also causes people to fall asleep in our house.
July 4th weekend - and that means fireworks! Amit and I drove to Grapevine lake to watch them this year and it was so romantic and fun.
Only Sahir - check out his laptop (look closely). Seemu Seemu Seemu - so excited to spend time with her and got to meet her Austin family! We did a lot - from cooking, shopping, some spa time. So much fun - miss you!!
Birthday's - we went to PM night life to celebrate Badal's birthday.Wristlet - why am I so excited about this you ask? Well I have been looking for this specific one for months and I finally found it at the Galleria store and they had only one left in stock. I guess it was finally meant to be.
Mr Meowgi - yes the cat has another name. He loves loves loves this grass and will do anything for it. Check out how scared Seema is - Priceless!