Friday, September 9, 2011

What did I smile about in August!

Phew! What a hot summer - we had atleast 60 days over 100degree weather in Dallas. But end is in sight and we are looking forward to some cooler weather and lower electricity bills...
Lollapalooza - Started the month off in Chicago for training again which extended into a girls weekend. Got to see Cold Play perform and they were great!
Chicago Architecture tour - I have been to Chicago several times but have never been on this tour.
Gun Range - We have been talking about going to the range for a while and we finally did it. It was sooo much fun
Chianti' Birthday! - Chaitni is going to kill me for this but I love calling her that. We celebrated at Sunset lounge and it was a fun night.
Maximo Heat - the yummiest margarita I have had in a while with its spicy ingredient. You should try it.
Hiatus - I have bought several Groupons for this spa and I love it. I am big fan of Aveda products so I finally gave in and became a member. This is going to be an amazing year of pampering myself with facials, mani-pedi's, massages and body treatments.
Happy 30th Faiza - We couldnt celebrate it together but we made up for it in September but I sure she enjoyed her birthday present all month long!
Varsha mum's birthday - lots of birthday's in August. Check out the flower Amit got her - awww what a sweet son.

Family - Amit's mama is visiting Texas for the first time and it was nice to see him for the first time. This is us at dinner to celebrate V mum's birthday and Deepak mama's birthday.
Bedroom Accent wall - Amit and I moved into our house years ago and didnt really spend too much time decorating. And so that time is here we started with painting our bedroom accent wall.

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