Friday, September 30, 2011

What did I smile about in September!

This was a busy month but the summer is officially over and we are definitely looking forward to the cooler weather.

Ganesh Pooja - we started the month with a ganesh pooja at home on Ganesh Chathurti. It was our first at home and we feel blessed.
Labor Day weekend - Spent it with Faiza and Mehlam and for a change we didnt go too crazy and had a relaxing weekend in Austin (hard to believe I know!)
Little Baby Aadit - we finally get to meet cutie pie. Don't you love that face so cute.
Austin - I love Austin and would love to move back one day but till then we got to enjoy the food cart galore and Amy's icecream. Yumm!!
Family time at D'Vine - one of favorites in Grapevine.
Perfect gift - received a shipment of wine as a thank you gift. I love my camera and am always looking for subjects and I enjoyed taking pictures of the bottles as much as I enjoyed drinking some of it.
Meet our new Buddha - our old statue was broken and I have spent months finding something I love. I saw this piece and fell in love with it. So calm and so peaceful!
The Sanghavi's and Solanki's visit us - We had so much fun with Raj, Kaj, Kanan and Siyona. This was our first baby visit and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Grapefest - doesnt that look so delish?
Litte baby cheeks - Siyona! - You would think babies love toys but no they love cables, tupperware, plastic spoons and straws - lucky for us we had plenty of those. She was our constant entertainment and we miss her soo much. How can you not miss little munchkin!
Happy 30th Birthday Aval - This has been a long year for him but things can only get better now. Please join me in wishing Aval a very Happy Big Birthday!

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