Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What did I smile about in November!

The festive season has begun and it was another busy but fun month.

Happy Birthday Mum and Happy 30th Birthday to my baby Brother! As my mum says she received the best birthday present 30 years ago - my brother who was born on her birthday. We weren't there in person with either of them but had a chance to celebrate it late with Dhaval in Toronto over thanksgiving break.
Texas Motor Speedway - Our friends had extra tickets to the truck race that made news headlines in Racing community and we were there to witness it. It was our first time there and let me tell you we stood out. We were probably the only Asian people there ha! It was loads of fun nevertheless.
Movember begins - This is the first year Amit participated in Movember and even though I dislike the 'stache it was for a good cause and I want to thank all those that donated to the cause. I wont lie I did get some good laughs this month looking at some funny stache's.
Chicago for the fourth time this year - Made another trip to St Charles and it was my last trip there for the year and hopefully for a while. Accenture revealed its new advertising campaign while we were there. This is us flashing our version of the campaign.
Arrangements - Cindy visited us for a few days and while she was here she made us these beautiful arrangements just in time for the festive season.
Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby! - We spent his actual birthday traveling but we made up for it by celebrating and enjoying a few days off in Toronto.
CN tower - Amit and I have been to Toronto several times but haven't been up the CN tower. We lucked out and caught a beautiful clear day to enjoy the views. Dhaval managed to get a day off and joined us as well.

Steam Whistle - right across from the CN tower is the Steam Whistle brewery. The boys enjoyed chilled beers while I played with the new camera app on my iPhone.
Family and Friends - We have so many friends and family members in Canada; I am not kidding when I say I need at least a week in Toronto to make sure I get to meet everyone. We missed a few people but here are some of the special people we did get to see.
End of an era Texas vs A&M! - As you all know I am a huge Longhorn fan and this year our conference rivals decided to leave the Big 12 to join the SEC conference. We played our last game against A&M (for now) and won. Marti made a bet with Steve and ended up having to wear the longhorn jersey to work since they lost to us. I am sad we dont get to continue this tradition and hoping they figure out a way to still play us so we can keep the rivalry.

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