Sunday, March 11, 2012

What did I smile about in February!

After our long three week vacation we were really exhausted. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing but when you try to fit in so much in three weeks things can get hectic. Amit and I both were swamped with work when we got back so we didn't have many exciting things this month which was completely ok with us. But here are a few things that kept us busy.

Unpacking - my least favorite thing to do. It took me two weeks to completely unpack but in the mean time our room looked like the bags had just exploded - stuff everywhere.
Visitor - I was working from home with the back door open because the weather was gorgeous and I kept hearing a cat meowing so I thought it was Switch but when i looked there was a visitor on our deck. Switch and  Ginger (yes i named the stray cat) hung out all day looking at each other threw the screen door.
Superbowl Sunday - we watched the game at home with some friends and there little princesses. I wasn't really into this game as I didn't care who won it - actually I did care any one but Brady! Loved the half time show - Madonna at her age is still a Diva and can perform. I would love to see her in concert someday.
Bench - finally ordered the bench for the bay window at the entrance. So excited its finally here and set up.
Velvet Taco - Amit and I ventured out window shopping and ended up trying this new taco joint. I was very excited to see Paneer taco's on their menu. For an Indian vegetarian that's awesome food.
Valentines day - Amit surprised me with flowers at work. Aren't they gorgeous - got lots of compliments on them at work. Later that evening we just went to grab a quick bite to eat. We both had long days at work and didn't want anything fancy. Just wanted to spend the time together - that's what counts after all.
Healthy salads - After our trip to India both of us needed to go on diets. We ate like pigs in India but the food was so good we couldn't resist. I started making light dinners - my favorite is sprout salad Indian style.

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