Saturday, March 3, 2012

What did I smile about in January! - Bahrain

And a new year begins! Ours began with lots of hope for good health and with the plan to live life to the fullest and let the small things go. I decided to break up the January post into multiples so you get to see more pictures and read a little about each of our destinations. Hopefully you enjoy our experiences this month as much as we did.

Our first stop was to Bahrain - I have called this place home for most of my life and I still think about all the great times I have spent there. This trip was bitter sweet - was my first visit there since the troubles began last February. I am not going to speak to the politics but it makes me sad to see Bahrain come to this. I hope the people of Bahrain can find peace and unity among themselves and can grow together.

Even with the random police checkpoints and road closures we still managed to have a good relaxing time. Met  friends and enjoyed some great food.

Dinner party! - cant go to Bahrain without visiting with all the aunty's and uncles. Thanks Nalini aunty for hosting this for us.
Durrat Al Bahrain - this is a new community in Bahrain. The mid east is famous for these man made islands shaped as the world map, palm trees. This one looks like this.
Bushido - Met up with my high school friends for drinks at Bushido. It was so great to hang out and I wish we had more time to spend with them but that's how it goes when we visit so many places in a few days.
Ceasar's - one of my favorite restaurants in Bahrain for Gobi Manchurian. Yumm! Check this little brat out isn't she such a cutie. Lucky for us we had a private dinner area so she could run around and play without any interruptions from the adults.

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