Saturday, March 3, 2012

What did I smile about in January! - Jaipur

Our next stop was Jaipur - this was a long drive from Udaipur and we were beat by the time we got to Jaipur. We stayed in the city near the markets - Jaipur is called the pink city because it was colored terracotta pink to welcome Prince Albert in 1876. After the Udaipur post I am going to try and limit the pictures eeek.

We visited several places here and thanks to a very nice family friend we received VIP treatment at the Amer Fort. We didnt have to wait in lines and had one of the best guides show us around the fort. He also was nice enough to take some really good pictures for us.

Amber Fort - This was my favorite part of Jaipur. Reminded me of scenes from the Bollywood movie Jodha Akbar. Enjoyed an elephant ride up to the main part of the palace and the view were beautiful.

City Palace and Hawa Mahal - To be honest by the time we got to the Jaipur city palace we were ready to look at something different. But the beauty of Jaipur is hustle and bustle of the city and all these monuments are situated in the heart of the bazar's. We walked out to a lot of shopping which is of course my favorite part of traveling.
 Jantar Mantar - is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments. Impressive for the time and age this was put together.
Albert Hall - Beautiful museum built in the middle of the city. We got to the museum late and werent able to see the exhibits but our family friend who works for the Tourist department showed us around and I have to say the views from the inside were gorgeous. You get to see a different part of the city from each side.

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