Saturday, March 3, 2012

What did I smile about in January! - Udaipur

And the fun part begins - this was our first time to Rajasthan so needless to say we were very excited. Our first stop in Rajasthan was Udaipur. After a 5 hour drive from Ahmedabad we arrived at the gorgeous Lake Palace hotel.

Lake Palace Hotel - now a luxury hotel on lease to the Taj group for 99 years is located on Lake Pichola. It is still owned by the current royal family of Udaipur and was considered their summer palace. Not sure if the pictures will do it justice but it was an experience for sure. It was voted as the most romantic hotels in India and I can definitely see why. I know thats a lot of pictures but trust me I had a hard time picking between the bunch I have. Hope you enjoy them!
Jag Mandir - is also situated on Lake Pichola. This palace is also called the Lake Garden palace and was used by Shahjahan and Mumtaz for refuge from Emperor Jahangir. It is currently used by the royal family for weddings and festivals. You can rent it out too if you want to pay the hefty price. We made it there on a boat from the Lake palace hotel just in time for the sunset.
City Palace - the main palace in Udaipur is currently the residence of the royals. This palace is split into three - one converted to a museum, one a hotel and the third piece is their residence. It was a gorgeous day and a quick walk to the city palace from the lake palace boat dock.
Good Bye - one of my favorite places in the world. We will be back here for sure one day. A beautiful romantic relaxing city with beauty all around. Love love love.

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Gorgeous Pics!! Loved seeing them!