Sunday, April 1, 2012

What did I smile about in March!

March was another hectic month with lots to capture - it was filled with friends, travel and lots of fun. Surprisingly this year we had no winter in Texas. The weather has been gorgeous - which also makes me nervous. TheAC's were switched on in mid March so we are looking at high electric bills and may be a really HOT summer this year. But till that happens we definitely enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

10th Wedding anniversary! - To celebrate our 10 years of commitment we decided to take a little weekend trip to Scottsdale Arizona. I travel to Phoenix all the time for work and had heard great things about the Phoenician resort so we decided to go check it out. It was amazing - the weather was perfect and we definitely got some R&R.
Flower surprise - I love love love fresh flowers - they bring so much joy and always make people smile (even in bad times). Amit got these beautiful flowers delivered to my office on our anniversary and I wasnt expecting anything since we just got back from our trip.
Pinterest inspired - thanks to my obsession with pinterest I tried this new recipe for Quinoa burgers. They were delish if I may say so myself.
Friends visit - we had a full house with friends in town and it was so much fun. I wish they would all move to Dallas but at least Austin is only a few hours away.
Photography class - I had bought a groupon a while ago and finally took the time to take the class. It was fun and I definitely learned some new tricks. I am going to enjoy taking much better pictures just in time for our big trip to Greece. Now I just need to find a great zoom (multipurpose) lens - suggestions? See the difference in the pictures below - We were taught to play with the manual mode. Definitely need to spend more time with this mode.
Mavs game and Nadia Ali - a bunch of us went to the Mavs game against the Spurs and we won - perfect end! After the game we headed to watch Nadia Ali sing. I don't know many of her songs but it turned out to be a great night.
Southlake town square - we met some friends for Dinner at Brio (love their food) and put my photography class to a test. Took some pictures of these two precious models.
Arboretum - We finally made it to the Spring bloom this year. Amit and I have been talking about this for years and I am glad we got there this year. It was a beautiful day (Amit would disagree as it started to get a little too warm for him at the end). The flowers were gorgeous - I wish my yard looked like this.
Blue Bonnets - They are everywhere and I love them. There a small patch behind our house where they grow every year and so Amit and I captured a few pictures. I have to give Amit credit for these pictures - especially the ones with the Bee.
Dinner with Barbs - Its been months since I have seen Barbara so we caught up over dinner. Its always a pleasure to spend time with Yu!


G3 said...

Aww! Love the pics! Send me a link to the pics from Kuna's wedding... wanna see them all! Love the Patels one together .. and of course all of the ones with Mahesh-Akanksha's kids. Aarav sporting Dallas jersey is TOO cute!! Gosh! I take it back .. I really love all of them! :)

Btw, your AZ trip looks heavenly and just the perfect getaway!

Can you post the link to the quinoa burgers? They look delish!

Keep these coming .. love seeing them!

Girja said...

Oh my gosh.. you have no idea how badly i want to visit Texas after seeing all these pictures!! It's been way too freaking long :( :( Lots and lots of love to everyone.. specially the kiddos.