Monday, May 7, 2012

What did I smile about in April!

Another month has gone by so quickly with more happenings to share with you. As we quickly approach the summer we are taking advantage of the great weather we have had so far.

Meet Bugs - We have lots of creatures in our yard, some more welcome that the others. But this little bugger is so cute and he let me walk up close to him to take some shots. Yes I am assuming it is a he and we named him Bugs (not very creative I know but its cute)
Recycling Candles - I keep finding all these creative projects on Pinterest (I know I am obsessed) but this one was perfect and easy to do. Best part is I reused all my unevenly burnt candles to make more candles. I was so proud of myself tee hee..
Work Golf tournament - Once a year the finance group gets together for a golf tournament and its always so much fun - can you tell?
Samaira's fifth birthday - We were invited by Samaira to celebrate her birthday at Chuck E Cheese. It was my first time there and I think I had more fun than the kids when Chuck E came around. Aren't these two little ones so pretty!
New Couches - We have been thinking of buying new couches for a while. Finally did it and we love them and apparently so does our cat. Now I have to find the perfect rug and cushions to match.
Gardenia plant - I went to Home depot for some potting soil and came back with a gardenia plant. I don't know if it will do well in the Texas heat but we have enjoyed some great weather this week and they bloomed. So excited about the beautiful fragrant flowers.
Terrarium inspired - Another activity I found on Pinterest, I had these succulents from a while ago so I decided to arrange them in glass containers. They look very elegant - I wish I had thought of this earlier.
Union station - Had an Accenture formal/party which gave me an excuse to get all dressed up. It rained all morning and I thought it would spoil the party but it ended up clearing up and being a beautiful day after all.
New Lens - I finally bought us a zoom lens for the dslr. After much thought we went with the 55-250mm instead of the 18-200mm. Hopefully I don't have buyers remorse but only time will tell. Here are a few pictures that we have taken with our new lens. Some of these were taking from a moving car on our way to Austin. Pretty good so far!
Austin - finally made it to Austin to see the preggo! We have been planning to go for weeks but something or the other came up. We had a good relaxing time and watched a lot of TV with M&F. Got them hooked to the show "Breaking Bad". We also hit our favorites - Trudy's and Mozarts and also spent time with this little munchkin.

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