Saturday, August 4, 2012

What did I smile about in July!

I think we are finally rested after our trip to Europe and back to back trips to Austin. The summer temps are picking up and definitely starting to kick my butt. This month isn't in the normal chronological order and you will see why by the end of the blog.

July 4th Fireworks - I had recently purchased a tripod which hadn't been put to use yet. We used it to take these pictures and had so much fun using the tricks I learnt in my photography class. 
Parikh's are home owners - We wish them all the best in their home and thank them for letting us be part of their celebration. 
Reenal and Paras visit - We had a great time with these two. The girls did what they love best got pedi's and facials while the boys went partying. 
Water melon juice - Nothing is better than some watermelon juice in the scorching summer heat. 
Creature on a rainy day - We were surprised by some rain storms and saw this little creature hanging out on the window screen.
Fun with the Chaddah kids - We decided to go to the Gaylord Texan for dinner one sunday and had a blast with these munchkins. Needless to say they wanted to hang with Amit and not me because he would take them to watch the trains.

Olympics - I eagerly wait for this every four years. This year's opening ceremony was good but still nothing like the Chinese opening ceremony. I didnt take the picture below but I saw it online and was one of the coolest moments of the ceremony this year.
Its Official - The picture below says it all but in case it isnt obvious. Amit and I are expecting our first babies - yes you read that right Babies. We are having identical twins and super excited and nervous. We cant wait to see our little blessings in January.