Sunday, September 2, 2012

What did I smile about in August!

And the hottest month of the year is over - phew! I shouldn't be complaining as it was not as bad as last year but the heat doesn't help when you are pregnant and prone to more headaches. Overall it was a great month and this is why!

Kajal visits - she never comes home empty handed and this is what she brought me this time. Thanks Kajwaj. We still don't know the sex of our babies - any guesses??
Dinner with the Chaddah's - they joined us for a home cooked meal and the little angels enjoyed climbing their tree ha! We are sad that they are moving away and will be relocating to Florida but wish them all the best with the move.
Cards time - since my mum is visiting we spent one Friday night playing cards with the family. We get a little competitive which makes it even more fun!
Round 2 at Marti's - this group always knows how to have a good time. This year my cheese tray was inspired by the Olympics ofcourse. Thanks Amit and mum for helping me put this together.
Pampering - my mum spent almost all of August with us and she was a huge help. She cooked and cleaned for me and most importantly was my emotional support this month. I have to say I am one lucky girl to have an amazing supportive husband and mum who make me so comfortable.
Food and more Food - the joys of being pregnant are the cravings. Although I didnt have any crazy ones my mum made all my favorites this month so I could enjoy them while she was here.
Happy Birthday Chaitni - since her parents were also visiting we just celebrated her birthday over a fun dinner.
Baby Zain and Baby Esha - all our friends seem to be in the same boat as us. Two of our close friends had their babies this month. Arent they cute - cant wait to go visit them in Austin.
Trip to Houston - I braved a 4 hour drive to Houston to attend Kajal's babyshower. Isnt she a gorgeous mama to be. We stayed with the Raja's who were absolutely wonderful hosts and we enjoyed spending time with them over some great meals.
V mum's birthday - Happy Birthday to a wonderful mum and mother in law. We hope she had a wonderful one and cant wait to meet everyone in November.