Saturday, October 13, 2012

What did I smile about in September!

Another month is gone by so quickly and we are officially enjoying fall weather in Dallas. My belly keeps growing larger by the day and so my social life is getting limited but this is how we spent our month.

Austin trip - we started the month by visiting all the new additions to our Austin friend circle. Anuj and Anar were our gracious hosts and we enjoyed spending quality time with this little stud Aadit. He is now the oldest of the Austin kids and am sure will have a lot to teach the little ones.
New Babies - After weeks of contemplating the trip to Austin we finally made it to see Zain and Esha. They are both so little and the entire time I held them I couldn't help but wonder how we are going to do it with two at one time. God bless the grandma's to be who have volunteered to come help us.
Taco Deli - no trip to Austin is complete for me with out a stop at this taco stop. The best breakfast taco's in Austin (according to me at least).
Spinach juice - Got to keep the iron up so I started to drink spinach juice with apples. Actually tastes a lot better than it sounds.
Flowers blooming - plants always make me smile and I was so happy to see my indoor plants are doing well even with the little attention they get from me lately.
Calmness - I have to admit being pregnant with twins can be overwhelming but fresh flowers and the Buddha bring a sense of calm to me.
Another Baby - Our dear friends Kajal and Rup introduced Arjun to the world this month. Isn't he a cutie!
Date at the spa - Amit and I decided to get some massages one weekend. So relaxing and one of my favorite places to visit since I got preggo!

Feet up - This is how I spend my time at home most days with my feet up. Doctors instructions so how can I not follow. Got a pedicure and am ready with fall colors.

UT vs OSU - watching UT football while pregnant is not the best thing for me especially because I am very passionate about the horns and get all worked up. This was one close game and thank god we won!

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