Friday, November 30, 2012

What did I smile about in October!

I am so behind on my updates but I have two really good excuses in my belly. Time is flying by and honestly I didn't do a very good job taking pictures this month. So you may be a little disappointed - but I promise the coming months will make up for that.
Belly is growing - see a change from month four to six?
Work baby shower - Marti and Sunita were gracious enough to through me a work baby shower. I love the people i work with and in the past 7 years have made so many friends and cant thank them enough for their generous gifts.
Hair cut finally - I needed a haircut badly and finally made it to the hair dresser. Not sure if I will be able to get another one before the girls arrive but I enjoyed this one for sure. The Aveda salon gives you a relaxing hand massage while you get your hair washed - SO RELAXING!
Weekend with the girls - The boys went to Vegas for Kunal's bachelor party (any excuse to get away to Vegas) so the three of us had a girls weekend at Chaitni's house. We also indulged in dessert and dinner at La Duni - one of my favorite places in Dallas.
Baby shower preps - Priya and Chaitni were amazing enough to help with the baby shower decorations and made these little diaper strollers for me. Thanks to my belly I am unable to do a lot now and these two girlies were a blessing for me and took care of while Amit was away.
Nesting - we got our windows washed and carpets cleaned in preparation for the girls. And apparently this little creature was happier about cleaner windows than any one else.

Nosy Cat - We have been getting lots of gifts from our registry and the guest bedroom downstairs looks like a storage. Switch of course is having a blast being curious and getting himself into trouble. This is what he walked out with today silly guy.

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