Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A month gone by!

The day I wrote the "And just like that our lives have changed forever" post all I wanted was to share the unfortunate surprise we received so I wouldn't get questions from our friends and family when they saw our daughters. I could barely get through a conversation at that time about what happened to their hands without bursting into tears. The blog helped me get the news out with out the emotional outburst every time. I expected some friends and family members to post words of support and encouragement  I never in a million years expected such overwhelming support from people - we received words of comfort from friends we hadn't talked to since high school, friends parents we barely know and absolute strangers telling us that we were blessed and the girls are beautiful. I also greatly appreciated all the personal stories of challenges that some of you shared - gives me confidence that our girls will grow up to be strong and beautiful women.

I always believed in the goodness of people but after this month my faith in humanity has increased even more. To you all I want to say "THANK YOU AGAIN". I cried at ever comment on facebook, blogpost, email, text message and voice mail we received. Not because it hurt but because I was overwhelmed by the words of support. Just like writing is therapeutic, crying definitely helped lighted my heart.

Our girls have been home for over two weeks now and they are doing great. Amit and I are coping well but we couldn't do it without two beautiful women - they are our mothers. I have respect for the women who do this all by themselves but I couldn't do it without our mum's. Amit has returned to work so my mum has moved in with me to help with the night feeds during the week. Amit takes over again on the weekends. We have had two pediatrician appointments and the girls passed with flying colors. Phew - we are doing something right! We have had some funny times watching everyone mix up the twins and had some scares (which was nothing but because we are new parents we get easily worried). The girls are definitely developing personalities and are staying more awake now. They have Amit completely smitten over them and make my heart melt when they smile. We will share more pictures in the January update so stay tuned. But here is one from their one month birthday. Can you believe how quickly time flies.


Saru said...

Reema....they are the most gorgeous girls and they have found a perfect home with perfect parents!!!! I know how fantastic Amit and you will be and they have such a fun and exciting life ahead of them!!! They have you, grandparents and each other....their souls are blessed and they picked you because they knew you would do them complete justice!!!! I'm sooooo sooo soo happy for both of you!!! ENjoy them and i know Amit is going to spoil his princesses to the hilt...so you be careful :) :) !! Tons of tight hugs and loads of love!!!!

Mommy G said...

They are soooo cute reemu!! The one on the left has already learnt to pout!! ADORBS!!

Purvi said...

I love the cute little onesies, the hair bands and everything pink about them. You know I've told you many times that you are so blessed to have them and the best part is they will return all the love and they do it over and over. I promise the best is yet to come and it keeps getting better and better.
I also admire your bravery in sharing your posts and the honesty in them. I truly have a lot to learn from you. It really shows how humble, down to earth and loving you really are. These are the best lessons a mom can teach her kids and its obvious you will do this with your actions. The strength both you and Amit have shown today and everyday will certainly make for smart independent women tomorrow. They say that God made mothers because he/she could not be everywhere and I truly feel you are so deserving of this love...not once but twice over :).
Enjoy the babies and give them a big "ummmmma" has Kylan would say xoxoxo

Shamla Nasar said...

vHey Reema ...

Lovely daughters u have there..what a cute family u guys make! I had the experience of an early delivery with my first child..its all but normal..my daughter weighed just 1.88kg..at birth, so I completely understand the turmoil you went through!

Believe me she is heallthier than most of her friends and very intelligent too..I pray your daughters grow up to make you proud..they will be as beautiful..maybe more so..than u are!

Take care..


Kishori Jani said...

Hey reema and amit!
Just wanted to send our love and appreciation for this blog and your great attitude towards life. The girls are just gorgeous and it does keep getting better! It makes our life richer by relating to you guys and seeing your strength and courage.... Thanks so much.. Your always in our prayers and thoughts. Lots of love to all four of you. And your moms!

Dhanashree Mayenkar said...

First of Congrats to both of you:) They are adorable. I love how the one on the left looks like she is trying to kiss her sister :)