Monday, January 7, 2013

What did I smile about in December!

Almost the end of the year and what a whirl wind it has been. A lot happened this month and it was a perfect end of the year. We are happy to announce the arrival of our twins and you can see the details on the last blog post.

Gelato Outing - we decided to check out some Christmas lights and stopped for a gelato break at the West Village. A nice little outing since I don't get out much anymore.
Nursery Painting - We finally got the wall of the nursery painted. More like Amit did all the work while I sat and watched him do it. Thanks love for doing so much these last months. I will make up for it soon I promise. We decided to go with a gray wall and will accent it with pink decor.
Christmas Lights - we took the mum's and Amit's grandmother to the Grand Prairie lights display. It was our first time too and it was beautiful!
Seeing friends after a while - Simi and Faisal were visiting Dallas and we got to see Zara after almost a year. She is such a cutie!
Anniversary dinner - our Indian wedding anniversary was on the 21st and we went to dinner with the family to one of our favorite places La Duni. Their desserts are to die for.
Christmas day - A beautiful day in Texas and we actually had a white Christmas. It was perfect and this year the decor at our house wasn't all out but it still looked great.
Switch days - we have been spending as much time as possible with this little guy. He is in for a rude awakening once the twins come home. I keep playing baby crying noises for him to get him used to the noise. Only time will tell how he will do with them.
Crochet attempts - The soon to be grand mum's have been busy trying new things for the girls. They knit them matching blankets and are now trying to crochet. Will share the pictures of the final products when they are done.
Guess who is here! - And the day has arrived. After 34 weeks we would like to introduce you to our little panda's. Everyone meet Aariya Bhavna Pandya and Aashna Varsha Pandya.
Aariya - was born at 10:45am on December 28th and weighed 4 lbs and 11 oz. According to the NICU nurses she is the fiesty sister ha!
Aashna - was born at 10:46am on December 28th and weighed 4 lbs and 3 oz. She is our little bitty one and is having a harder time putting on weight.
Since both were born prematurely they are still in the NICU and will be there only a few more days (hopefully) and then come home. Its been hard to get good pictures of the girls in NICU with all the wires and monitors but here are a few that melt my heart.

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