Sunday, April 7, 2013

What did I smile about in February!

Time is just flying by and the girls are two months old already. This also means I have another month before I have to go back to work. I am not sure how I feel about that just yet -but for now I am treasuring every minute I have with my girls.

Delicious treats - Our friend Sheetal makes awesome desserts and was nice enough to mail us these goodies.
Haircut overdue - I finally managed to get away for a much needed, way overdue haircut. I took a picture on the way home because I couldn't believe how alive my hair looked. I was scheduled to get one on December 28th which I had to cancel because the girls decided it was time.
Pictures with mummy! - I realized I didn't have any nice pictures of me and the girls because I was the one taking most of them. So I made Amit take a few of me and them the day I got my haircut so I looked presentable.
 40 days complete - Per tradition you aren't supposed to take the new born babies out till they have completed 40 days. Not sure of the logic exactly but once that was complete we took them to the temple and then to Avni masi's house for lunch.
Meeting Dr La Rue - I had my follow up appointment with my OB and I took the girls with me to meet the wonderful lady who delivered them. She was so happy to hold them.
Adventure out - we went to visit mummy's work family and also got our first shots. It was a long day - check out the cute band aids on those cute thighs.
Valentines day - This was a last minute shoot as I didn't have time to go buy them a good outfit. These were big on them but did the job. As you can see this shoot didn't go as planned but I love this picture a lot. Check out the lovely flowers Amit sent me. He knows how much they make me smile and send me beautiful ones often.

Dabi Bhaju Masi's visit - My girl friends from college decided it was a good idea to do a reunion in Dallas this time so they could see the girls. I was so happy to see them and A&A got to meet their masi's. All these ladies are strong, independent and successful women and I am glad A&A will have such good role models in their lives.
Professional photo shoot - Our lovely pregnancy photo shoot photographer was nice enough to come home for this one. Here is a sneak peek of the shoot (taken on our camera - her versions are much better). I am still working with her for the final copies. Melissa was sooooooo patient with them and made this an amazing experience for us.
Our Indian swings - In India families use Ghodiyu's and don't have cribs. We had these sent to us by my cousin in India (thanks Sadhna ben) and are now finally using them. They rock from side to side and the position helps reduce colic, gas and keeps them cosy.
2 months old - And just like that we are two months old already. They say cherish each moment because the babies grow up so fast and its true. They are both our pride and joy and bring smiles to everyone around them.

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