Sunday, April 7, 2013

What did I smile about in January!

It shouldn't be a surprise to y'all - all I smile about now a days is my baby girls. They keep us busy for sure but here are a few highlights from our month.

Started the New Year in the hospital - We spent new years eve in the hospital but had the most amazing view of downtown and the fire works. We were with our girls and are so thankful for them. 2013 is going to be an awesome year with lots of firsts with them. Here is a blurry shot of our view but its the best I could take on the iphone.
 Welcome baby flowers and sweets - Our friends, family and coworkers have been so generous with flowers and sweets. Thank you all. I didn't get pictures of all of them but here are a few.
We are home! - I am so excited the girls didn't have to stay in the NICU for too long. Aariya was doing better than Aashna and there was a possibility one would come home before the other but I am so thankful they came home together. Aren't they tiny - the car seats swallow the girls but we are so glad to have them home.

Facetime dates - We have had several facetimes dates with our friends and family but I only managed to capture this one picture. Here is my dad admiring the kiddo's. I have to say thanks to technology the world is a much smaller place and makes it so much easier for our family and friends to see the girls more often.
The visits begin - we were happy to share our arrival with our friends and family. Here are a few of our first visitors - sorry if i missed some of you. I know there are some pictures that we didn't get a chance to take. That means you will have to come visit us again :)

CFA official - my brother completed his CFA certification and was officially handed his certificate this month. Proud of you kiddo!
Doctors visits - went on our first Dr's visit and passed with flying colors. We (more me than Amit) was really nervous about their growth. The Dr said they put on weight as needed so that was a relief. We are doing something right.
Guess who is already a month old - time flies by and if you know me I can be a girly girl and a tom boy. When I found out I was having girls I was most excited about all the bows and accessories I could dress them up with. So of course we had to have our own little one month photo shoot. Here are some of my favorite shots.
Symbrachydactyly - Our original diagnosis was ABS by the NICU Dr but after meeting with the Ortho Surgeon at Scottish Rite we learned that they have a condition called Symbrachydactyly. Honestly the name doesn't matter the only thing that provided us relief was that there was no amputation so the girls didn't experience any pain in the uterus. The birth defect happened early on in my pregnancy and the arms just didn't grow. The Dr said there was nothing we could have done about it if even if we had found out earlier. I am happy with how it all worked out. Knowing it earlier would have made my pregnancy more stressful and there is nothing I would change about it all.

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Jen Reeves said...

My reaction was so similar - knowing Jordan was in utero without pain and the fact that she survived birth and is such an important part of our lives. I can't imagine life without her... And I'm honored to be her mom. I am SO glad to connect with you and I look forward to following the girls as they grow. And maybe I can offer insight and help along the way!