Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What did I smile about in March!

What a busy month it was! My maternity leave ended this month and I thought I would get some rest before I started work - so didn't happen :)

Meeting Nanu (Maternal grandpa) - He was so excited to see the girls, check out the smile on his face. Nanu's little girl (me) has two little girls of her own - that's what my dad kept telling me.
Meeting Dadu (Paternal grandpa) - Seeing the girls took away his flight exhaustion alright. Dadu was so happy to see his little grand daughters.
Meeting Mamu (Uncle - mum's brother) - If you know my brother you know he is not the best at keeping in touch even with me but since the girls were born he facetime's us almost everyday just to see them.
UK Family - Amit's uncle and aunt from UK came all the way to see A&A and we had an amazing week together with the whole family.
Happy Birthday Nana (Amit's maternal grandma) - Its rare you get to celebrate your birthday with your great grand children. She was so happy to have us all there.

Our first trip to the Arboretum - I am a huge fan of the outdoors even if the weather is not always great. We enjoyed the spring blooms in slightly cold weather but it was still a lot of fun.
More Visitors - the visits continue and we are happy to introduce our little ones to our friends and family.
Celebrations and family photo session - We celebrate anniversaries together this year. My inlaws and parents both celebrated their 35 year wedding anniversaries (in January and February respectively) and Amit and I celebrated our 11th registry anniversary. We also wanted family photo's for the girls so they can look back one day and smile :)
San Francisco - We braved a 3.5 flight to Cali to see our friends and attend Ritu masi's baby shower. The girls were so well behaved on the flight there and back. Seema masi was our amazing host and made us so comfortable and Nani helped me with the girls so Amit could spend some time with the guys. We took A&A to the pier, golden gate bridge and also enjoyed a fun picnic in the park. All and all an amazing weekend away, definitely gave me courage to travel with them.

Ritu Masi's baby shower - Ritu and Sahir are having a baby girl and we cant wait to meet her. We wish them all the best. The shower was a mini reunion for us - we met some friends from Austin/Houston and also got to meet some high school and college friends that we hadn't seen in a long while.
Three months done - And just like that we are another month older. Our third month milestone coincided with Easter and Madhu Ba had bought us these little pink bunnies. So I knew they had to be a prop in our shoot. Here are a few of our girls - time does fly when you are having fun.

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Mommy G said...

The Easter ones are my absolute favorite. The girls look gorgeous!! Of course loved the ones with Sappy, Ritu and all - I feel awful that we missed that shower :(. Your dad looks like such a sweet nanu ... totally in awe of his 2 dolls! Love the post! Can't wait to see these girls!