Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

This year mothers day is extra special because I now know what it means to be a mum. I am super blessed to have Aashna and Aariya in my life and even more blessed to have my mum and mother in law. These two strong women put their lives on hold to come support Amit and I through the last stage of my pregnancy and the birth of our babies.

After living away from our families for so many years I have realized we all get set in our ways and when you put three women in one household there is always drama ha! Amit had to deal with a lot of estrogen for sure. Jokes aside I am so very thankful to our mum's for all their love and support and also for putting up with my emotional ups and downs after the girls were born. Those post pregnancy hormones can really do a number on a person and these two women put up with a lot for me and our beautiful babies. We shared some tears, laughs but most importantly some very beautiful memories with the birth of A&A.

I have realized our lives are hectic and we all get busy with our schedules but its important to take a minute and recognize the people around us who unconditionally give us support through good times and sad ones. As you all know we didn't follow tradition and give our girls Amit's name as their middle name. Instead we chose to give them their grandma's name because we wanted to honor these wonderful women and all they have done for us.

Aariya Bhavna Pandya

Aashna Varsha Pandya
So this is for mothers and all they do for their kids without expecting anything in return. A&A have been in my life for only 4 months and I am so in love with them and cant imagine life without them. So I can just imagine what our mum's feel for us -Cheers Mums!

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Unknown said...

This is superb you for writing this...and a very very Happy Mother's Day to you lovely Nivedita Aunty