Monday, May 27, 2013

What did I smile about in April!

I feel like time is passing by a little too quickly. The girls are growing up so fast and we are loving every minute of it. April was another busy month - I have officially gone back to work and my mum left at the end of the month to return back to her life.

Celebrating Vinay uncle - We lost a close family friend this month and all of us are still in shock. He was a pilot and had just stopped flying commercially. Its hard to move on but you have to celebrate the memories and smile. I remember his passion for airplanes and photography. I smile thinking about all the fun times we had with him in Bahrain and I smile knowing he is looking down on his family and the rest of us. I smile knowing he had just spent time with his family and celebrated his grandson's second birthday with him. We will all miss you Vinay uncle and think of you whenever I see a plane in the sky.
Reunion - I met a friend from high school after almost 15 years and it was so nice to catch up with her.
Taylor wedding - It was our first time away from the girls and we were happy to spend it celebrating Jess and Derek's wedding. The weather was perfect and the couple looked stunning. Thanks for including us on your big day.

Golf tournament - I think I play golf once a year and its at our work event. I am not a great player but I think its fun to be away from the work desk and enjoy some time on the greens.
Warren Park - The newest spot in Dallas and its a lot of fun. We finally made it out there and enjoyed it so much that we went back three weekends in a row.
Work community event - Another reason I love my job. We spent an afternoon out in the sun building sand castles and playing silly games. When you work with super competitive people you know its going to be entertaining.
Happy Birthday Dad! - I wish we lived close to our families, its the small celebrations we miss out on. Hope you had a fabulous one.

Spring blooms at home - Since the kids have arrived our cat and plants have taken a back seat. But the flowers still bloomed and make me happy to know I haven't killed them.
Fun project  - Our friends Cindy and Vaishnav are expecting a sweet baby girl soon and we will be missing their baby shower. I asked Cindy if she wanted some of A&A's hand me downs and she was happy for me to send some to her. I also thought to send them some new onesies in a cupcake box. Hope they enjoy their non edible cupcakes.
4 months with blue bonnets - Spring time in Texas means lots and lots of wildflowers. There is a small patch behind our house where the blue bonnets grow. I had been telling Amit how I wanted to take pictures of the girls with them. So the day I went to my community event he took it upon himself with the help of my mum and our nanny and took some wonderful shots. So proud of you Amit - I am so happy I have a supportive husband who puts up with my crazy ideas.

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