Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Thought I forgot about the fathers in my life didn't you? I have been meaning to write a piece of this one for a while now and I guess it had to wait till fathers day.

As mentioned in my mothers day blog our mum's spent an extended period of time with us here in Dallas to help us out. This was only possible because they both have amazing husbands who were willing to be alone in Nairobi and Bahrain while the mum's were here. I know if I had to stay away from Amit for that long I wouldn't be very happy but I think that's the sacrifice our fathers made for their kids and grand kids. I see a completely new side to our dad's. I hear parents say they enjoy being grandparents more because they get to truly enjoy the babies and can spoil them rotten. Both of them light up when they see A&A on face time and have been our greatest support.

Dinesh dad - thank you for being so selfless and giving us so much without expecting anything in return.
Ashvin dad - thank you for giving me your son and raising him to be a loving father.
The second part of my blog is dedicated to the new father on the block. Yes I am talking about Amit - I can just see him cringe while reading this. He is probably thinking oh boy what is she going to say. Don't worry love its all good. If you know Amit you know he is a tough guy and has very little patience for drama. When we found out we were having girls things changed. I have never known him to be a protective guy but wow I see such a different side of him already and A&A are only 5 months old. He is an amazing gentle father to A&A and the best part of my day is to see his smile when he comes home from work and sees the girls. All I can say is the boys better stay away from our girls - protective papa in the house!

Amit always said he wouldn't change any diapers but he proved himself wrong alright. When the girls were born they were in the NICU for two weeks and within the first two days he was already a diaper changing champ. One visit I went down with him at feed time and he started to open the incubator and bring the baby out - my heart almost stopped because I was afraid he didn't know what he was doing. The nurse walked by and said "daddy you got this?", to which he replied "yes". What I didn't know was he knew the routine and had already learnt how to change the premie diaper, check the temperature and get them ready for feed time. Even before the girls were born he was an amazing husband put up with my tantrum's and put lotion on my legs when I was so large I couldn't do it for myself. I cant wait to build more memories with our little family. Amit is my greatest support and source of strength and I know he will be the same for our girls. Every girl needs a strong father figure in their life and I am happy A&A have you Amit.

Thank you for putting up with all the pom poms, flower headbands, baby bikini's and pink love!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What did I smile about in May!

I feel like I say this every month but we have had some really busy ones. Time is flying by and its almost summer time in Dallas. Per Amit's suggestion I should warn you of the pictures overload in this months update.

Sick babies - the month didn't start out so well. Both the girls have been on antibiotics for UTI's, which were followed by tests and more tests to make sure everything is good with their systems. But they are strong little girls and bounced back pretty quickly. Can you see how exhausted we are?
Work formal - Amit volunteered to look after the girls so I could attend the event at the House of Blues. Aval was nice enough to keep him company and babysit A&A.
Naughtiness - The girls are learning new things and are definitely keeping us entertained. They have started to notice each other and are trying to roll over.
Chocolate overdose - Found a box of these in the pantry and devoured them so quickly.
See anything new? - We decided to pierce their ears early as recommended by mostly everyone. They were such troopers and barely cried. The best part is they wont remember a thing and haven't touched their ears or pulled the earrings.
Mothers Day - The first one ever and Amit made it so special. He didn't let me change any diapers or clean bottles all day. Celebrated with dinner on Friday night with the Parikh's. On Sunday took the girls to brunch and they behaved so well while we enjoyed some time shopping at the mall.
Austin trip - We took our first road trip to Austin with the girls. All our friends were more excited to see A&A then us of course. Thanks Anar and Anuj for being such great hosts and for inviting us to celebrate Aadit's 2nd Mickey birthday.
Welcome Sara Nadine - She arrived on her due date. We are so excited for the Sait and Sainani families - A&A cant wait to meet their new best friend in person. But for the time being face time will have to do.
Meeting Kylan and Arjun for the first time - The long weekend brought our friends and family to Dallas. A&A got to meet their nephew Kylan (dont ask how they already have a nephew) and also got to meet their other best friend Arjun (these girls will have lots of best friends). The boys were sweet enough to pose with the girls for some cute photos.
Memorial day weekend - You would think two kids would slow us down but that hasn't happened. We were all over town - Fort Worth stockyards, Dallas Aquarium, Warren Park, lots of lunches and dinners out. Thank you Purvi, Gaurang and Kajal for coming to Dallas to see us. We really enjoyed spending time with you all.
Celebrations - Last but not the least we celebrated my birthday and the girls 5 month milestone on the same day. Amit asked me what I wanted for my birthday and for the first time ever (I think) - I said nothing!! I know this may come as a surprise to a lot of you who know my love for bags and jewelry. This time last year all I wanted was a baby (and was already pregnant just didn't know it) and see what a year can do. I have these two precious babies and they make us so so happy. Thank you for coming into our lives Aari and Aashi!