Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Thought I forgot about the fathers in my life didn't you? I have been meaning to write a piece of this one for a while now and I guess it had to wait till fathers day.

As mentioned in my mothers day blog our mum's spent an extended period of time with us here in Dallas to help us out. This was only possible because they both have amazing husbands who were willing to be alone in Nairobi and Bahrain while the mum's were here. I know if I had to stay away from Amit for that long I wouldn't be very happy but I think that's the sacrifice our fathers made for their kids and grand kids. I see a completely new side to our dad's. I hear parents say they enjoy being grandparents more because they get to truly enjoy the babies and can spoil them rotten. Both of them light up when they see A&A on face time and have been our greatest support.

Dinesh dad - thank you for being so selfless and giving us so much without expecting anything in return.
Ashvin dad - thank you for giving me your son and raising him to be a loving father.
The second part of my blog is dedicated to the new father on the block. Yes I am talking about Amit - I can just see him cringe while reading this. He is probably thinking oh boy what is she going to say. Don't worry love its all good. If you know Amit you know he is a tough guy and has very little patience for drama. When we found out we were having girls things changed. I have never known him to be a protective guy but wow I see such a different side of him already and A&A are only 5 months old. He is an amazing gentle father to A&A and the best part of my day is to see his smile when he comes home from work and sees the girls. All I can say is the boys better stay away from our girls - protective papa in the house!

Amit always said he wouldn't change any diapers but he proved himself wrong alright. When the girls were born they were in the NICU for two weeks and within the first two days he was already a diaper changing champ. One visit I went down with him at feed time and he started to open the incubator and bring the baby out - my heart almost stopped because I was afraid he didn't know what he was doing. The nurse walked by and said "daddy you got this?", to which he replied "yes". What I didn't know was he knew the routine and had already learnt how to change the premie diaper, check the temperature and get them ready for feed time. Even before the girls were born he was an amazing husband put up with my tantrum's and put lotion on my legs when I was so large I couldn't do it for myself. I cant wait to build more memories with our little family. Amit is my greatest support and source of strength and I know he will be the same for our girls. Every girl needs a strong father figure in their life and I am happy A&A have you Amit.

Thank you for putting up with all the pom poms, flower headbands, baby bikini's and pink love!

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Mommy G said...

SO sweet Reema! I couldn't help laughing out at that last line! We really torture the hubbies way too much with the frills and the flowers! haha! But thats the fun of having girls. They are going to be Daddy's girls - there is no escaping it .. at least we should get this thrill! :)