Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What did I smile about in June!

Summer is here to stay - even with the hot weather we managed to spend some time outdoors. Needless to say that's not going to last very long. Note on this blog post all the pictures are from my iPhone. Goes to show how many I take on a monthly basis.

Mud run - Amit has picked up a new hobby, running! In preparation of his half marathon he decided to do this 5K mud run. The girls, Avni masi and I went along to cheer for him.
Hiatus relaxation - Finally was able to take some time away on the weekends to get relaxing me time. Of course this wasn't possible without Amit watching the girls for me. Thanks babe!
Hair accessories holder - another Pinterest inspired project. As you have already noticed our girls have a small collection of hair bows, clips and bands and for that I wanted to create a holder. My friend Chaitni helped me get it started.
Frames - I had bought these chalkboard sayings that I wanted to frame but couldn't find anything that fit their room theme. So I found these at Michaels and decided to personalize and paint them. Another fun project complete.
Bath time teddy's - don't they make the cutest little teddy's. Thank you Sonal Fia for these cute towels.
Passports - Guess who is traveling out of the country soon. These little brats already have passports - so excited to travel with them (eek more like a worried). This picture I didn't take - courtesy the internet :)
Fathers day - I tried to give Amit a day off from bottles, diapers and have some time to himself. In the morning he went to the trail for a run and the girls and I met up with him there and had a little stroll with Papa. It was a perfect father's day - there were so many people on the trail that saw us with the girls and wished him a very Happy father's day.
Love water - our little Panda's love the water. We took our first dip in Badal kaka's and Chaitni masi's pool.
 Happy Birthday Dadu - A birthday shout out to Ashvin dad, we hope you had a fabulous one.
Half Marathon - check! He did it - it was a hot morning but Amit finished his first Half marathon and the girls and I were there to cheer him on at the finish line. Good job love! The girls also turned 6 months and our theme this time around was to support dad's new hobby of running!

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