Sunday, August 11, 2013

Truely Madly Deeply in Love..

People always say the love you feel for your baby when you see her for the first time is indescribable - so true and that love grows so quickly and is so deep that I cant even imagine my life without them. Its been 7 months since Aashna and Aariya came into our lives and now the first months feel like a blur. The sleepless nights, countless diaper changes and crying gets washed away by the smiles and hugs - truly unconditional love.

A&A you may look like each other but you are developing such different personalities. Here is your first update little ones...

Dear Aari - you are my little eager beaver and remind me of curious George. Always want to be first at everything - you learned to sit up and roll over first and love attention. You have learnt to put your hands up when you see me and that melts my heart. Not sure where you learnt to scream but you have one loud voice. You like to love on Aashna and smile at everyone. Please stay out of trouble and stay put for a little longer - I just know its going to be crazy once you are mobile.
  • First foods - Rice Cereal and Oatmeal. Your favorite is Oatmeal and Peas and make the funniest dirty face when I give you prunes.
  • Weight at 6 month check up - 13 pounds 6 oz
  • Activity - You love to jump while some one holds on to you and are trying to stand up by pulling on me.
  • First words - Da da da da
Dear Aashi - my little diva. You are my content baby and love to do everything at your own pace. Your selective sweet little smile makes me feel so warm and I love that you like to snuggle with me on the couch and chat. You are a great listener and are patient with your sister. Hang in there while your sister pesters you for affection - she means well.
  • First foods - Rice Cereal and Oatmeal. Your favorite is Rice Cereal and Carrots. You are willing to try most foods and don't fuss too much.
  • Weight at 6 month check up - 13 pounds 4 oz
  • Activity - You are so content sitting and still love to be on your tummy.
  • First words - Da da da da
Your Papa and I love to watch you talk to each other and giggle like you know what the other is saying. Twins are hard work but you two make for great entertainment. As your mother its my job to worry and as my mum says it doesn't change as you grow older but you continue to surprise me and I am so proud to be your mum. I love how confident and strong you are and I cant wait to see you grow into beautiful happy girls. I know I probably shouldn't admit to this but I love having you sleep in our bed. It wont be long before you will want your space and independence but till then we will take all the cuddles we can get. You bring everyone around you so much joy and happiness my precious ones. Thank you for putting up with all the photo shoots, keeping the head bows on and letting me play dress up with you. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!