Sunday, August 11, 2013

What did I smile about in July!

I feel like I say this every month but each month gets more hectic than the last. Lets just say we are making the most of our summer and enjoying every moment with our girls. Warning - Photo's overload again! Also if you would like to leave a comment please post it on the blog site and not Facebook so the girls can appreciate them when they are older.

First flight abroad - We took our first flight out of the country to visit our friends and family across the border to Canada. I was a little worried about this trip because the girls are older now but they did well. They played, ate and slept just fine. Aariya and Aashna let out a few loud screams and Amit and I looked at each other worried we were those parents with the screaming kids. But over all our trip there and back was smooth.
Reunions - Talk about a hectic week away. I thought a week in Canada would be more than enough, boy was I wrong. Try juggling, family and friends from both sides. I hope we didn't upset anyone by not spending enough time with them but we will be back again I promise. We also got to see our NJ family as they were visiting Canada for the long weekend.
July 4th - We celebrated July 4th in Toronto and the girls wore the American colors. Happy Independence day!
Badal's birthday - The weekend after we got back was busy with friends visiting us from Austin to celebrate Badal's birthday. The girls sported their first bikini's and had a blast in the pool.
First solid meal and water - We started the girls on solids after our 6 month checkup with the doctor. They did well but look at the mess they made. They enjoyed eating Oatmeal but weren't a big fan of water.

Jumpy Jumpy - The girls love to jump and so we bought them this exersaucer. They both are more intrigued by the toys around the seat to actually enjoy the jumping.
First words - Look who has found their voices. Our first words are "da da da da" - of course Papa is happy because it sounds like they are saying daddy sometimes.

Last minute saviors - Our nanny had a death in her family and had to be away for a week. I couldn't have done it with out my amazing family and friends. Thanks for helping out.
Arboretum - Even with the heat we braved a trip to the Dallas Arboretum to see the Alice in Wonderland display. The girls sat in their big stroller and enjoyed looking around.
7 months - This month we got two different themed 7 month pictures. Because of the heat I didn't get individual pictures of them at the Arboretum so we didn't another shoot at home with the actual theme I wanted. I always want them to have their individual pictures so they don't feel like they had to share everything - that way their baby books will be just about them and not each other.

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