Monday, September 9, 2013

Twin attention!

Whenever we go out with the girls we end up meeting people that have twins, have twin siblings or are a twin. Needless to say the girls draw a lot of attention. We get asked the same questions every time and now we have set responses for these too but sometimes I want to be a smart Alec and answer them differently.
Are they twins?
Usual response - Yes!
Want to say - Seriously what do you think?
Are they girls or boys?
Usual response - Two girls!
Want to say - Hmm let me think. Doesn't the red car seat give it away or the over load of pink. If that didn't make it obvious I would think the pierced ears or at least the massive bows on their heads would.
Are they identical?
Usual response - Yes!
Want to say - No - they are monozygotic (medical term for identical)
How do you tell them apart?
Usual response - there are slight differences
Want to say (if they are strangers) - we have secret marks on them that only we can see.
Want to say (if they are new friends) - One has a right and one has her left arm - which is one of the only ways we could tell them apart initially.

I guess most people don't notice their hands right away - I used to assume people are just trying to make conversation and don't know how to ask or bring it up. I am not defensive about it and know this is not something easy to ask about. So for those of you that have met the girls or have seen their pictures did you notice their arms right away or did you only pay attention because you knew. I am always curious to know what people are thinking. So if you have questions please ask and I will be more than happy to answer. I know in my last post "Whats our story?" I came across like I didn't want to hear it. But in reality I am happy to - just want to stay away from negativity.

I read on a friends blog (Born Just Right) a comment from some one with limb difference "I used to tell kids a shark took my arm (when I was a kid myself) and a boy once got so white with surprise that I felt bad and stopped. But I had a good run with that story!" I love that she had fun with it. Its reality which you cant change might as well enjoy it huh! Need to remind myself of this one more often - I really really hope the girls grow up to have a similar sense of comfort and humor.

Friday, September 6, 2013

What did I smile about in August!

The last month of summer and we are hoping for cooler weather soon. This has been a milder summer so I cant complain much but we are definitely looking forward to the fall and the festivities. Lots of pictures in this one too - I think that's something you all should just expect from me especially in the fall with all the festivities. Feel free to leave comments on this page - I have updated the settings to make it easier.

Toy Bins - As you can imagine with two kids there will be double the mess so I bought these toy bins for our living space downstairs so at least its an organized mess. Arent they cute - the girls can use these when they are older for other stuff too.
Top Golf - I have been telling Amit to try out top golf for months and we finally did it one Sunday evening. Now he wants to go there every weekend. Did I mention he has picked up golf recently?
Happy Early Birthday Chaitni - Not the best pictures but still had an amazing time. Avni masi watched the girls for us so we enjoyed a date night. Amit and I had dinner just the two of us and then met the rest of the crew.
Patio time - It was a relatively pleasant day so I took the girls out on the deck and they loved being out there. Our dear neighbors walked over and chatted with us which was so sweet.
Kale and Cucumber juice - Decided to make some fresh juice, need to get back on the healthy foods track.
Seema masi's last minute visit - She came bearing presents (check out our Panda hats) and also gave us a chance to hang out with Neha and celebrate her pregnancy!
Austin visits - We made two back to back trips to Austin to celebrate Zain and Esha's birthday. I cant believe how quickly time flies - I still remember seeing these two cuties when they were tiny. It was nice to meet little Nael - such a sweet boy! We also squeezed in some time to see Seema masi's family and met Mila. She really enjoyed rocking the girls and playing with them.
Raksha Bandhan - We facetimed with mamu on Raksha Bandhan so mummy could wish him. Here is a picture of us when we were little.
8 months done - Our 8 month milestone also fell on Janmashtami (Lord Krishna's birthday). We visited the temple and got all dressed up in our Indian outfits. I take advantage of these moments to play dress up - but do you blame me. I have the best baby dolls..
Labor day weekend - Our third weekend in Austin in a row but this time we were there for a few days. Reenal and Paras met us there with Raahil and we all had an awesome time.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Whats our story?

When I first wrote about the girls hand condition I wasn't sure how much I would share in the future. But as time progresses I feel more confident talking about it. The triumphs and challenges are part of life and I am hoping one day they will read these and be proud of my openness just the way I am proud of them. My latest mental turmoil has been with how to introduce A&A to new friends.

I recently joined a mommy and me group in Las Colinas and so far I have attended the events without the girls because I have only managed to go to the Social after hours stuff. I continue to struggle on how I should approach their hand situation with new people I meet. Should I be upfront about it and tell them about their story before they meet the girls or just show up with the girls and let people ask me questions? A part of me prefers being upfront because I feel I control the situation and am better prepared to respond to the questions. But a part of me disagrees, I want the girls to feel normal and by being upfront I feel like I am not being "normal" and making a big deal about it.

I am sure there is no best or right way and I should just do what comes naturally so that's what I will do - not sure what that is yet! This past weekend we were in Austin and at Mozart's a young lady started talking to us. She was sitting there and admiring the girls and very politely asked me "If you don't mind me asking what is their story?" At first it didn't click but then I realized she was asking about their hands. This isn't the first time we have been asked but the way she did it felt so warm. Most people just assume because they are twins the girls were joined at their arms.

All of us have a story and ours is a very interesting and exciting one! When A&A were just born Amit and I spent a significant amount of time thinking about the future and the different milestones that will be challenges. But this weekend Aariya and Aashna have done us proud again and they continue to amaze us. Aariya and Aashna both stand up in the crib. Aariya has also started to army crawl which was one of my immediate concerns. How does a baby with limb differences crawl? The doctor said its not a milestone and we shouldn't worry as a lot of babies with four limbs don't crawl and just simply bunny hop. But the fact that Aariya is army crawling put a lot of my fears/concerns to rest. Aashna in true Aashna fashion will do it when she is ready - not one can hurry her. She is content and I think is giving me some time before she starts so I can baby proof the house and prepare myself for two mobile babies.

Both of them are teething and have little ones at the bottom - time is flying by and I want it to stay still. My babies are growing up too quickly - SIGH!

I also want to say I have my opinions about things and this is my way of expressing my feelings - I am not here to preach a way or argue with others so if you don't agree with any part of my methods please keep it to your self. This is our journey and I am sure we will make a lot of mistakes but that's what makes our story so interesting!

PS - if you made it to my blog via Facebook and would like to leave us a comment can you please post it on the blog site and not on Facebook. That way the girls will be able to read this one day and appreciate all your kinds words of support and encouragement.