Friday, September 6, 2013

What did I smile about in August!

The last month of summer and we are hoping for cooler weather soon. This has been a milder summer so I cant complain much but we are definitely looking forward to the fall and the festivities. Lots of pictures in this one too - I think that's something you all should just expect from me especially in the fall with all the festivities. Feel free to leave comments on this page - I have updated the settings to make it easier.

Toy Bins - As you can imagine with two kids there will be double the mess so I bought these toy bins for our living space downstairs so at least its an organized mess. Arent they cute - the girls can use these when they are older for other stuff too.
Top Golf - I have been telling Amit to try out top golf for months and we finally did it one Sunday evening. Now he wants to go there every weekend. Did I mention he has picked up golf recently?
Happy Early Birthday Chaitni - Not the best pictures but still had an amazing time. Avni masi watched the girls for us so we enjoyed a date night. Amit and I had dinner just the two of us and then met the rest of the crew.
Patio time - It was a relatively pleasant day so I took the girls out on the deck and they loved being out there. Our dear neighbors walked over and chatted with us which was so sweet.
Kale and Cucumber juice - Decided to make some fresh juice, need to get back on the healthy foods track.
Seema masi's last minute visit - She came bearing presents (check out our Panda hats) and also gave us a chance to hang out with Neha and celebrate her pregnancy!
Austin visits - We made two back to back trips to Austin to celebrate Zain and Esha's birthday. I cant believe how quickly time flies - I still remember seeing these two cuties when they were tiny. It was nice to meet little Nael - such a sweet boy! We also squeezed in some time to see Seema masi's family and met Mila. She really enjoyed rocking the girls and playing with them.
Raksha Bandhan - We facetimed with mamu on Raksha Bandhan so mummy could wish him. Here is a picture of us when we were little.
8 months done - Our 8 month milestone also fell on Janmashtami (Lord Krishna's birthday). We visited the temple and got all dressed up in our Indian outfits. I take advantage of these moments to play dress up - but do you blame me. I have the best baby dolls..
Labor day weekend - Our third weekend in Austin in a row but this time we were there for a few days. Reenal and Paras met us there with Raahil and we all had an awesome time.

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