Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What did I smile about in September!

Fall weather is around the corner (hopefully)! It's starting to get darker earlier now which I don't like but it's time for the festivities to begin so I wont complain too much. Another month closer to the end of the year - I cant believe how quickly time flies when you have your hands full.

Last time in the pool for the season - This was our last time in the pool for the summer. The girls had a blast and are the happiest in water. Lots of time at the beach in our future which is perfect for Amit and I because we love the water too.
Teeth - Look who has teeth now. Teething is no fun for them or the parents but hoping these Amber necklaces help a little and soothe them.
Bath toys - We finally have some toys for the bath. The girls love the little frog and duck floats.
Sharing is caring - They shared their home in my tummy for almost 9 months and have to share attention and also their room. It doesn't look like it here but they love each other and have no choice.
Oktoberfest - After two days of rain the weather cooled down and it was a perfect day to enjoy the festival out in Addison. We met up our friends there after an afternoon at the mall.
Locks of love - A great non profit organization that provides hair pieces to financially disadvantaged children in the US. Chaitni donated her hair this month to this great cause and we like this new look on her.
Pumpkin village- The festive season kicks off with the Pumpkin patch. We didn't do a 6 month shoot but I couldn't pass up this opportunity. Here are a few professional shots by Alyssa Maisano Photography and some we took ourselves. The first four were taken by us and the rest by our professional friend.
Surprise visit from Rinku - She was flying through Dallas and missed her connection. What better place for that to happen. She finally got to see the girls and spend a day with them.
Happy Birthday Aval - Celebrated Aval's birthday with dinner out. Hope he enjoyed spending some of it with the girls.
9 months - Another month done and such changes we witness. Both girls are developing such opposite personalities and say "ma ma" occasionally (this completely melts my heart - I mean seriously makes me feel so warm and gooey inside). Aariya is everywhere and cant sit still (her favorite thing is to chase the cat) and Aashna is miss independent and wants to do everything on her own (especially eat which makes dinner time a lot fun) at her own pace. Both of them are standing up and sometimes let go of their hands and are testing themselves. They can stand for a few seconds without support. I am so NOT ready for walking babies but their progress makes us so happy. As parents of babies with limb differences we have so many concerns but these girls are definitely on a mission to squash all those fears. Aariya loves to pull on her sisters hair but don't worry Aashna doesn't just stand there and take it - when no one is looking she bites her sisters hands/legs. In short they can both hold their own and keep me on my toes. Lots of baby proofing is in our immediate future.


Jen Reeves said...

Ahhh! I love the picture with their little arms touching. It's so amazing to watch them grow up so quickly.

Rupa said...

Hey Reema, its so lovely to read your blogs. so overwhelming and positive. love seeing your angels growing up..they are just adorable and completely blessed. you guys are fantastic parents and they are definitely going to be such super gorgeous girls.

Sameera Yusuf said...

Love it love it and love it.
such a beautiful family....enjoy each and every moment reema and amit.the pictures themselves say a thousand words

Mommy G said...

Love love love! They are such overachievers!! I bet they will be walking before their lazy friend Esha!!! hahah!

Sonal said...

So lovely being able to read the blogs and be part of them growing up. Well done girls and well done Mummy & Daddy. Aashna really reminds me of how Anaya was when she was a baby xx

Georgia said...

Reema, You are an amazing lady and Mama. I keep wondering how you can do it all! I love reading your Blog -seeing all the pictures and learning the latest of what the babies are doing. They are so very beautiful in every picture! Their outfits and bows just darling. Already with teeth - and crawling. Soon they'll be walking! You and Amit are just aweswome parents!!

yogranny53@gmail.com said...

It is always a treat to read your blogs Reema. I wait for them so that I can feast my eyes on all the pics of my darling Aariya and Aashna! Every pic is like a story to read over and over again and my little babies are going past their important milestones admirably! All kudos to you both who are simply exemplary parents in this modern time. You are not just good lookers which the babies obviously inherit.....but as parents you are super achievers.....and that is what both these awsome adorable and darling babies have also inherited from you both. Reema you really do us proud! Love you and those cutest sweetest dollies. I simply love to see their pics and videos over and over again......a sight to enjoy and smile.....love you all so so much!

Olga Martinez said...

These girls arr absolutely beautiful!!!! They are just so cute !!!!!