Friday, November 1, 2013

What did I smile about in October!

The summer is officially over and the weather has cooled down. The festive season has begun and I feel like the rest of year is going to go by so quickly. Lots of first this year and lots of memories we will make. Hope you all enjoy our updates and have a blessed festive season ahead.

Babies born - I feel like we are currently in that phase of our life where everyone around is either preggo or is thinking of starting a family. Three of our friends had precious little ones recently. Saachi was born at the end of September. Shaili and Amol had us over to see her and she is so sweet and precious. I forget how little they are when they are born - A&A were small babies too and that time seems like a blur now. My friends Deepti and Neha also had their little ones this month. Ananya was born first and followed by Mila and Deven (twins yay!). We look forward to seeing all them soon too.
Park fun - Our girls love the outdoors and are happy being out and about with me. I took them to the park by myself one afternoon and they were super happy on the swings.
Choc secrets - We have been meaning to check out this place for a while and it finally happened one saturday evening. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate (Amit is though) but they had some really delicious truffles.
Texas OU weekend - I will be honest I had very low expectations for this game. All I wanted was for UT to fight and for it not to be a blowout. But to my surprise we BEAT OU and it was a great game. The girls got dressed in their Longhorn dresses and I think we will be wearing these to every game - our good luck charms.
Phoenix - Traveled for work for the first time after A&A were born. I was very nervous leaving them behind with Amit but they all did fine. Big shout out to our nanny, Avni Masi and Aval for helping Amit out while I was away. So thankful for facetime so I could see my sweet pea's while I was away. Check out the pictures Amit took of them while I was away - does it look like they missed me?
Michael Buble - I am a HUGE fan and Amit bought me tickets for my birthday. He was happy watching the girls while I went and enjoyed with Chaitni. We ran into Barbara there which was a nice surprise. 
Navratri - All decked out in our Gujju outfits and ready for our first Garba/Raas. Aashna is definitely our dancer she just kept bouncing up and down to the music. Aariya was more interested in people watching and playing with everyone around her. Amit and I love dancing so I really hope these two grow to like it as much as us. Cant wait till next year when they will be walking and can join in the fun.
Houston - we have been meaning to visit our friends in H Town for a while and it finally happened this month. We spent some quality time with the Raja's and they were great hosts. Also love the food in Houston - check out this Thai restaurant if you plan a trip there - it was amazing. The girls didnt want to open their eyes for this picture but I still think its so cute.
10 months - Another month older and boy they are getting naughty. Aari and Aashi are such opposites and are so much fun to play with now. They love people and are not shy babies but Aariya is starting to get a little clingy. Its hard when I am trying to get work done but I wont lie it does feel absolutely amazing that she wants me over mostly everyone else - makes me feel so special. Love knowing that they are all MINE (and Amit's ofcourse) but you get what I mean. I will take it while it lasts because before I know it they will want no hugs or kisses and we will be butting heads.
Halloween -I love being creative and decided to give making baby Halloween costumes a shot.What do you think of our cute little outfits. Most people find accessories after they have an outfit but I saw these cute peacock headbands and knew I had to find a way to accommodate them into A&A's wardrobe. We went to Frisco and enjoyed our first trick or treating to the Parikh's neighborhood. They had a cute block party with a fire truck and pirate ship and the girls did so good - they didnt rip all the feathers out just the ones in front of the onesie but I can live with that.

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