Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What did I smile about in November!

Its almost the end of the year and 2013 will be over. What a fun year it has been so far and I am sure the last month will be just as exciting. Hope you all have a safe and fun festive season and you get to spend some quality time with your families and loved ones.

Nani and Mamu birthday - Every November starts off with a celebration, a double one. My mum and brother share a birthday. Happy Birthday you two hope you had a great one. My brother was being silly on Google hangout one day and the girls enjoyed these crazy looks.
Diwali - This was Aari and Aashi's first Diwali and so we had to go all out. Avni masi ba had a little get together at her house for them and we all got dressed up in our Indian outfits. Here are some pictures of the girls and the decorations at our home and Avni masi's.
Sunita's babyshower - I am so happy for her and she looks amazing. We had a little baby shower for her at work too and she is definitely rocking that preggo look.
Baby Cousin is here - A&A's have a little sister. Amit's cousin had a little baby girl this month and we are so excited for the Pandya family. We cant wait to meet Shreyana but till then pictures will have to do.
Play time - I finally took the girls to a play date with the mummy group in Las Colinas. The girls were well behaved and also made their first art work in time for Thanksgiving.
Color Run - I stayed home because it was a cold morning but it looks like Holi and we will definitely do it next year with the girls. Incase you didnt realize its movember and hence this stache on Amit's face. I cant wait for the month to be over.
Sarah and Brendon's wedding - A beautiful wedding downtown Dallas and we had a great time. A&A attended their first wedding and had lots of fun dancing at the reception. Thanks for having us be a part of your special day.
Amit's bday - This is a busy month with lots to celebrate as you can see. We celebrated Amit's birthday at our friends place for dinner. We got to meet Saachi again - she is so cute and growing up so beautifully. Thanks Shaili and Amol for having us over. And of course Amit's birthday carried on through the weekend and we celebrated again the following evening with cake at Chaitni and Badal's.
Mum arrives - YAY nani is here for a little while. What does that mean for us - some "me" time for daddy and mummy. I was so excited to have her here that I made a spa appointment for the very next day.
Thanksgiving - We enjoyed the long weekend in town with last minute visitors from Austin - Thanks for visiting Zain, Faiza and Mehlam. On Thanksgiving day we got the Christmas decorations up while my mum watched the girls. The weather was beautiful and we got to spend some time at the park with three little kids. Times have changed and we don't have a single group photo of us adults from this weekend and its all about the kids now. This year we are so Thankful for our little ones and our families who continue to be our greatest support. I cant forget our friends and our work families who have been very patient with us all year as we figure out parenting. It's true you need a village to raise a kid and we have two so our village is twice as big and twice as pleasant.
11 months - I cant believe they are already 11 months soon they will be little toddlers. Where did this time go? Whats the latest you wonder? Well we are both walking - baby proofing is in full swing. We started off with only one baby gate at the top of the stairs but another one was installed at the bottom because we have learnt to climb stairs. The girls are so fun to watch now - they love to play with each other and get into things together. Their favorite toys are iPad, iPhone and the TV remote. As I have mentioned before the girls share the same DNA but are so different.
Aari - she is mummy chipku (mummy glue) and loves to follow me around. She is loud and loves to bite her sister. She is always in a hurry to get to things so she rather crawl than walk. Amit and I joke that she will be our little soccer player because she likes to kick the ball around.
Aashi - she is my little dancer and loves music. I catch her talking to her toys and likes to follow her sister into trouble but is happy playing by herself too. Don't worry she doesn't take the bites from her sister without hitting back. Her favorite thing to do is walk and manages to find the smallest things on the carpet to eat. I have to literally walk around with a hand vac now to make sure the carpets are very clean.

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Mommy G said...

Another beautiful post Reema! Love seeing these. The way you describe Aashi - I feel like she could be Esha's twin! :) Can't wait to see the interactions in a month! <3