Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Sweet and Sassy ones!

It still seems like yesterday when Amit wheeled me to the NICU to see them for the first time. They are two today and it feels like a dream to me - I am a mother of twin toddlers! Each stage is a different one and I cant tell yet which one is my favorite but this stage is definitely entertaining. They are full of energy and curious to learn. Some good things and some not so much. They are little sponges and Amit and I have to watch what we say around them now - they remember.

Aariya is little miss independent and will play on her own for a while. She follows the boys around and does exactly as they do - climb fences, jump off benches and can kick ball all day long. Our little tom boy is in love with animals and nature. We joke she will either become a veterinarian or botanist when she grows up. She is gentle and her personality shines when she gets one on one time with us.

Aashna likes attention and craves company. She can dance all day long to any music. She loves to make everyone laugh by saying "so funny" and faking a laugh. We think she will become a comedian or some kind of entertainer. She loves to sit and chit chat and will cling to my hip all day if I let her. She is also our little grandma and loves telling Aariya what to do in her mixed Gujuenglish!

Our identicals are poles apart but are gentle and little social butterflies. For being premie's they are all caught up. They can both count to 20, can say the ABC's, can sing plenty of rhymes, know most of their colors. They can say the days of the week in order - their favorite is Saturday of course. They both fight over the purple toys (balls, blocks, books) so I think that's their favorite color. They are picky eaters but will eat khichdi and daal bhaat everyday. Most kids ask for candy but mine crave grapes! Whats not to love - mummy loves the fermented type too ;). They know names now - they started by calling me "Meena" but can finally say Reema. I love it when they stand at the top of the stairs and scream out for their papa by yelling "Amit"- So little but such loud voices! They are still petite little girls and are still wearing 12-18 month clothes (even some 6-12 month ones). My favorite is when they have some detailed conversations - they actually make sense and talk in full sentences. We are definitely experiencing some tantrum's - tears are always ready to flow. Also experience the independence phase - they want to do everything myself! Some days its cute but when you are trying to get two toddlers out of the house in the morning its very frustrating. I am learning to balance them myself. Some days I let them do it all on their own and there are times I just have to step in. They definitely know how to test my patience but always make up for it by coming and asking me for a hugs and kisses and telling me they love me.

This year was full of travel - Dubai, India, Bahrain, Chicago, Cabo (Mexico) and Cayman islands. Lots of firsts and beautiful memories with friends and family! They started school and have adjusted so well. They can definitely keep up with the other kids and love to entertain every one. I know they have well wishers all around the world and I thank you all for your blessings for our little girls. Today didn't start of as I had planned with sick babies - its flu season around here but I hope to still make it extra special for my little loves.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What did I smile about in November!

Lots of celebrating this month with birthday's, thanksgiving and travel. I hope you all had a blessed and happy month. Its almost the end of the year and I cant even believe it - so much still to do!

Happy Birthday Mum and Dhaval - My mum celebrated a big milestone birthday this year. My dad threw her a little party and planned it all himself - so not like him and so we were all very impressed. My brother shares the same birthday as my mum and so its always double the celebrations in our family. I wish you two all the best for the coming years - love you both!
Ice Cream date - the girls got their first ear infection this month and to make up for the awful doctors appointment and flu shot we went for some FroYo! They insisted on eating purple ice-cream but settled for something pink instead!
Houston trip - spent a fun weekend with the Sait/Sainani's celebrating Prashant's wedding. The girls had so much fun with Sara. We got asked several times if they are triplets - don't they look so cute!
Art time - the coloring obsession continues. Found this set of colors and the girls were so excited to use adult crayons.
Sent home from school - Aariya was running a fever and needed to go home so both of them came home early on Wednesday one week. Stayed home for the rest of the week with me with very little backup help since they had to be fever free for 24 hours without any medication. Lets just say i was exhausted; these little balls of energy kept me on my toes.
Snow - Experienced our first snow of the season a little early this year. The girls were already in bed and I contemplated waking them up but decided against it because they would have wanted to go out and play. Not a great idea when they are still coughing and sneezing away.
School Thanksgiving - I joined the girls for their first thanksgiving feast at school. All they wanted was to eat the bread.
Happy Birthday Amit - Celebrated with friends at one of our favorite dessert spots in Dallas. Thank you all for joining us. The kids had a blast walking around in the mall after.

Cayman  - One of my favorite spots in the world - clear waters, soft white powdery sand, great company. Whats not to like! The weather could have been a little better this time around but still got some awesome beach time. My girls think the sand is dirty and refused to stand on it - that's what I get for raising clean freaks!
Bff's - Its not a real vacation when you travel with toddlers/kids. We were up at the same time every day even though we stayed up late some nights because these four were ready to swim! They had so much fun together and I hope they stay bff's as they grow up.