Saturday, January 11, 2014

What did I smile about in December!

And just like that 2013 is over - what a year it has been. We celebrated a lot of firsts with our baby girls and have thoroughly enjoyed this parenting roller-coaster ride. I hope you all enjoyed the last month of the year too.

Check out our new ride - We enjoyed some great weather before it got worse riding up and down the driveway in our new rides. Thanks Saj Fia for our lovely gifts!
Ice storm again - Weather in Texas changes very quickly. We were home bound for three whole days but we had great company to get us through it. Chaitni and Badal brought Coco and spent the weekend with us and trust me it was a life saver - the girls love this sweet puppy and he is so gentle with them. Thanks for entertaining the girls.
Work night out - I have changed roles at work and am sad that I wont be directly working with these amazing people but still in the same office and will still see them on a regular basis. We celebrated the festive month by visiting the Deep Ellum brewery downtown followed by amazing pizza dinner at Cane Rosso.
Mamu is here - Dhaval couldn't wait to come and spend time with his nieces. It was nice to have him here for two weeks. Ofcourse my mum was in heaven as she got to spend time with her son and grand babies. 
Happy Anniversary to us - We celebrated our 10th Indian anniversary at the same place we did last year. We love La Duni and last year we were there when I was SO preggo and could barely move and this year were there with the two munchkins. We went to dinner and then dessert with our friends and family and also celebrated with the Parikh's who share the same date for their anniversary!
Deck is up - We have wanted a new deck for a while and finally got it built. The girls love being outdoors and get super excited to go out and play. Can you tell?
Christmas - We got out Christmas photo with Santa. I was worried they were going to cry but they surely did surprise us. Aariya was very comfortable in Santa's cozy lap she could have stayed there for hours and taken a nap. Aashna just stared at him and i was worried she would pull on his beard. Santa took a break and we sneaked a picture in his chair. This was the girls first Christmas and their favorite part this year was the train under the tree. We spent Christmas eve with our friends and enjoyed Christmas day with our family!
Trip to Gaylord Texan - I think this has become our yearly tradition. We ventured to the Gaylord Texan to see the Christmas decorations with the girls. They were so excited to be able to walk around and wanted to say hello to everyone.
Baby Sara is here - We had an awesome time with the Saits. Hopefully Curious George and Bamm Bamm didnt scare little Sara away. They were so excited to spend time with a little baby but don't realize their strength. CG(Aariya) just wanted to steal all of Sara's toys away and BB(Aashna) wanted to smack her head. Hope you all had a good time with us in Dallas!
Happy 1st Birthday my loves - they are one! Can you believe it time flies for sure - we celebrated their actual birthday with the Sait's by going to the park and then Top Golf but here are some smash cake pictures that we took a week early. My friend's step dad was nice enough to come take these for us - photography is his hobby and he brought all his professional equipment with him. Thanks Tom and Brooke for making this happen. Of course our girls have to be high maintenance and don't like to get their hands dirty so we had to help them with the smashing!!
New years eve! - Ended the year with a nice dinner out and rang in the new year at home with all the babies, friends and family! Wish you all the best for the coming year.


Dhwipa Patel said...

How do u do it all - have ppl, have 2 kids and manage to be organized - lets just say I am inspired and kinda a lil jelly belly :-))) thank you for continuously sharing your life so we feel like we know A&A - happy new year...

Rationale said...

You guys are amazing! Must 2nd Dhwipa's comment here!

Reema - Amit said...

Thanks ladies - i have to say i have great hands helping me. Amit, our nanny, our friends and of course having my mum here this mum was a huge help. Thanks for keeping up with the blog - makes me want to keep up with it too.